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After the fall of the titans, the Olympian Pantheon held sway over the universe, becoming a dominant force in popular culture for centuries afterward, but one thing that's not often explored in stories of antiquity is how the transition between the age of the Titans and the age of the Gods actually worked once the new rulers of the universe took the titans place. It was as if the Olympia NHS had always been there and there were plenty of characters whose appearances in Greek mythology essentially end after Zeus ascends Raya mother of the Gods and met us. First wife are important figures in the tight NAM. ICKE but once the titans are deposed. Their roles in Greek mythology dwindle. Medicine particular falls victim to Zuse's ascendancy. Olympus was quiet in the night, a looming obelisk darker than the sky behind it. A mountain goats struggled up the sheer cliff. Unusually high for such an animal, the goat side if he wanted, he could leap to the top of the mountain in an instant, but doing so would cause too much of a stir sparks crackled from Zeus Horns. As he placed one huff after the other, he should have stayed until dawn. This was an awkward and uncomfortable way to return home. As the God of thunder storms stealth was not his forte. Zeus to his natural shape at the gates of Olympus when his sandals touched the Rock, a distant boom of thunder roll through the sky, he winced, but no-one stirred with a sigh of relief, he strode confidently into his bedchamber, disrobed and prepared for rest. A shadow stirred by the window. His heart sank when he realized who it was. The. Sky was quiet tonight. Did Not mean to wake you. You did not I was waiting for you. or at least to hear the sound of the storm, you were out all night brewing. Listen My love. Some storms require more than a night of preparation. I am not a fool Zeus. Do you think we blind your dalliances? It has been over ten years since I was your sole companion, my husband. I see your eye wanders. Do you think I would lavish my attentions on others when I have tightness as my queen? I would not be so selfish. Sufficient for your desires. I nearly want you to consider that your father. Do not speak his name. Your father only took one wife and had no other children besides you and your siblings. Are you implying I lacked the moral character of cronies I. I only mean to imply that you're being fool. Our marriage bed has been cold for too long. And I know it is not because you lack of stamina. Consider my desires as well as yours unless you want me. Bearing children by your siblings do not speak so rudely. A father was overthrown by six children. Are you trying to raise an army of bastards against yourself? There is no prophecy saying I will endure the same fate as my father. Not yet. Before Zeus retort met swept out of the room, disappearing into the night, Zeus did not follow rage bubbled in his belly like lava by marrying him, she had become the most powerful woman in the cosmos, while her brothers and sisters languished in Tardiness. She was free to go where she liked to do anything she wanted she should have been more grateful. The fury in his belly subsided as much as he hated to admit it. His rise was due to her cleverness her strategy. She was as much to credit for his victory as his five siblings. Zeus did not sleep that night. He sat on his bedside, thinking his wife was a titan, though they had experienced many pleasures together, she had not conceived when she did so with the child be bent against his father's will like. He had been with cronies. How could he be sure that any children? She bore him would be loyal, and not exceed him in raw power, but there was nothing to be done. She was the Titan of wisdom. She would see through any ploy on his part or any attempt to deceive her. As the soft pink of sunrise touched the Dawn. Zeus finally realized what he had to do. The one way he could keep his wife from bearing children the one way he could deceive the goddess of deceit. He would have to take an action. She didn't think him capable of. When mets returned, Zeus was waiting for her. He wore on his face expression of warmth than contrition breathable, because it was crafted from true guilt, but not guilt for his numerous affairs guilt at what he planned to do. have. You reconsidered the error of your ways? I have forgive me. I often bore of routine when I. I fell for you. Our Passion was new and dangerous. Now it is safe. It is only safe because you lack creativity. There's more than one way to make love my husband. If it is still love, you feel for me, of course it is. I cannot tell if you speak truly. Most likely because you. Yourself cannot tell the difference between love and lust. Do Not Be Sawn. Fairness, my desire for you is as strong as ever prove it. I will we have coupled together many times in our godly forms, but birds and beasts have just as much passion in the respective forms. Yes true. Then let us change shapes together. Let us explore the breadth of pleasure that exists between the creatures of the Earth. Intrigued by Zeus is strange request medicine consented Zeus began by changing his shape into that of a stag, letting his robes fall to the floor, medicine followed suit, and soon the pair of them were entwined in a tangle of limbs, horns, and hooves, as their passion grew. Their appearances change shape freely between all kinds of animals in an instant they went from a pair of stags to a pair of wolves to swans with their next wrapped tightly around each other. They dove into the. The Sea to continue their tryst as Dolphins, Wales and sharks and burst out of the waves to take the shape of writhing serpents try, as he might Zeus could.

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