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That would wanna do that last thing Pallomari who earlier this week came out and said he's gonna play football. And there's talk of him being the first quarterback taken. There's even talk of him potentially going number one overall because he shares an agent with cliff Kingsbury Kingsbury when Texas Tech was getting ready. Play oklahoma. You know said he'd take him ahead of anybody else. You know, there's the Texas connection there, obviously boys maybe can fit within that offense. You're you're Fleur offensive lineman. You're a large human being your brother's. An all pro offense, blaming a large human being we have never seen elite level quarterback. Be five foot. Ten will it will it work long term in the NFL if he's five foot ten and then we'll find out in three weeks when the combine begins. Look he he didn't have a five nine three. He's five nine and three quarters. That's what he's gonna measure out in bare feet. Okay. Good so five, so we'll we'll talk. I'm actually not so worried about the high as I am his weight, and it's kind of just his stature because it Oklahoma. He had a big off into one. Those dudes are huge an enormous, and he had no problem being able to to to have passing ways your shocker now's easier to see than it was kind of the under center type offense. I'm just worried about his stature he got sacked in the Bama game in the semi fun game. Pint shirt sleeve one time like I just grab a it was quitting Williams grabs his shirt sleeve and just threw him to the ground. And that to me is the problem in the national football. He's just not very big. You know, people will point to Russell Wilson listen to fifteen to twenty put together. Well Murray is the slight frame that he might wait to five or a saw his agency the way to five of the Columbine or to ten, but man that that would worry me more than anything else. It's just his his Bill, and I do think there's a high chance that he goes number one Arezzo Anna, I'm waiting actually for the notebook is posted Murray's ought to be the number one pick yet. I can't wait to back. I think there's a real good chance that happened. I don't think Josh Rosen a fit at all as much as they want to say he is I don't fit for that offense. They kings very wants running. Mary's a perfect fit for that. The problem would be moving rose, and he has no trade values. You might have to his contract with Cuban the backup. But I think Mary has a great chance to number one. You don't think they can move into the giants for the giants pick. Why why I mean the giants are just draft Haskins? I mean, it depends. I mean the giants had a chance to draft quarterback last year. And didn't like any of those guys. Why just they might be able to trade? Amid round pick for him. And then again, it's gonna want to give him up for mid round pick. You're not getting a first for him. And I didn't joint Haskins you put them in a giants uniform. We'll do. Well, great stuff as always Jeff Schwartz. Check him out on outkick the coverage. It's clay Travis this show all next week. He also works for the action network. You can follow him on Twitter for picks. They're gonna lose. And maybe we knew some money Schwartz. Thanks so much. Good stuff jet, man. Wow. I'm messing with you. Come on. Josh words joining us year here on the Dan Patrick show, Jason McIntyre. I'm Doug Gottlieb. James harden continues his rid Vicki Lewis scoring streak come up. We'll tell you why this is better for the NBA than it is for the rockets that's next to the Dan Patrick show. Okay. This is just a thirty second commercial. And I'm gonna throw a lot of numbers.

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