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This Bates are made for bass fisherman by bass anglers someone's sitting behind a desk. So go to biz Bates dot com and order the best soft plastic baits on the market for yourself, or is it gift for maybe you're fishing buddies this holiday season, get them at biz Bates dot com. My favorite soft plastic bait. Joy pheasants forever. Quayle Forever's national pheasant fasting Quayle classic in Chicago land, this February twenty-second through the twenty four Schaumburg Illinois. It's the largest event the country for upland bird honors wildlife conservationists from the wild game cooking, even a youth village for the kids, it's national investing. Classic shopper Gilad ROY February twenty-second through the twenty fourth checkout Feser fest dot org. John. On ESPN radio one thousand in Chicago. Thank you, John. Such a good guy. Hey, everybody. Welcome back. This is talking on great outdoors. Don't forget the check us out on Facebook slash Cianci's. Great outdoors like when you sign up for mid west outdoors. I have a dinner on this, folks. We gotta make sure I get the most, you know, subscriptions. But if you go to midwest outdoors dot com wonder, you know, promo code AM one thousand but all works out..

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