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Puzzle grew Ebeneezer Scrooge, take it away and Dylan your final round is called quiz Mus spirits. So every answer contains the name of a cocktail spirit or alcoholic beverage, for example. If I said, the title character in doctor who carries this multipurpose tool, you dancer, sonic, screwdriver screwdriver being a drink and our big winner will receive ask the rubik's cube signed by Anthony remers, we spun a drapeau backstage because we're cool and Dylan got Gimmel. So he's going I. We go Dylan this Grammy winning performer starred in her own sitcom we in the nineties brandy. Yes. That's right. Emma, children jump on one leg into numbered squares in this playground game hopscotch. Yes. Dylan the character Holden Caufield appear to short Christmas story published in the New Yorker five years before JD Salinger made him the protagonist of this novel catcher in the rye. Yup. Emma. This magazine was founded in eighteen eighty six as a family journal. But was revamped about eighty years later to reflect its new motto fun. Fearless female. That's right. Dylan. This company's tagline is a diamond is forever. Seconds. No, I'm sorry. That's the answer was to beers Emma, Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson, Emma stone fight the dead in this two thousand nine movie. World wars, the also fun. But not right. The answer was zombie land som- being drink Dylan the Bulwer Lytton contest for worst possible. Novel opener honors the author who coined this seven word phrase. It was a dark and stormy night. Yes. Dark and stormy being the drink Emma regarding this nineteen ninety five a waste this hit Liam Gallagher told his brother knoll, just because you wrote it doesn't mean you should always sing it. Wonderwall probably a better song. But not looking for the answer was champagne supernova. So we are at the halfway point Dylan is in the lead three two to doing this British author wrote to the lighthouse, MRs dalloway and a biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's dog flush. Three seconds. For Jinya will Jin, Emma. This American anthropologist published her first book coming of age in Samoa in nineteen twenty eight Margaret Mead. Yes. Dylan. This atomic research program was I allowed at a budget of six thousand dollars in February nineteen forty the Manhattan project. Yes, Emma, Carrie brownstein, and Fred Armas than star in this. I f see comedy series about Pacific northwest culture. One about Portland, Portland Lia. Yes, portland. That's right. Dylan this German fashion, designer created looks for Chanel Fendi, H M, and the Coca Cola light bottle fashion designer seconds schnaps. Fun, but wrong Karl Lagerfeld Emma the restaurant Golic. Twas can be found on this New Orleans thoroughfare named for French royalty bourbon street. Yes scores five to four. You each have one question left Dylan to stay in the game. You must answer this question correctly and the has to miss her question. Right. Dylan this Qatar manufacturer, which famously makes les Paul guitars also created BB king's Lucille, model Gibson. That's right. The scores tied this the last question if you answer this question correctly, you win this university of Miami football team plays in hard rock stadium and has nabbed five national championships the hurricanes. That's right. Is big winner. Congratulations ama-. And that's our show asked me one second screw here. Something's coming over me. Even though the ghosts had no personal action. With me. I feel I've feeling the quiz Mus spirit freely. You there you there? Boy, you're talking to me. Boy, John, I'm forty seven years old. That's right. One hundred fifty or something do you know that ironically eighties? Nostalgia store around the corner here the one with the giant rubik's cube hanging in the window. The one is big as me. Yes. The one is big as you now take this schilling here, or if it's more I'll just later run over there and get all the rubik's cubes. You can't because I declare all of our contestants winners, rubik's cubes. Everybody gets. Play. The key.

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