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My i'm up the true true guy so take care of a community but that's not impair where i really wanted to talk to you ride is that ancient aliens guy right yeah a lot about the ancient civilizations and i watch the show frequently it's really funsho brad found interesting that i don't wanna ever hear him really talk about is uh you know a few few months back i was reading an article and died says that they found a thermal pockets under an arvika right giant thermal pocket and it's got a all sorts of volcanoes invent since got its own little little system down there in caves that lead down to the bottom of it that's right now next time you get one of those guys on the line earn your studio you need to be asked and then what they're doing the kind of research that area 'cause i just have i just have michael saw on the proof i'm talking about in our dakota now i it was a wonderful program i don't know if you're coast insider you can go back and listen to the show but uh there are some strange things going on there some really strange things like berry in rock hill south carolina hello berry your i'd go uwe buddy that ladies from vancouver a few minutes ago it right on the head on me you are smart character and you have the best audience and the best gas and i'm telling you i i just about oh i've been i've heard that crazy no the guy that we'll see you saw over your car wreck in the more well old ladies it guy waiting in me every once in awhile last pick me up but we were talking about rude reach that night and that was just perfect to play oh god i it that's the by of her time i've heard your play doors in the last five years ago so these hits his laugh that's so funny yes yes it that that's what gets rain get rid of georgia i mean i have it by the time he fish kill have is by about it.

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