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Of professional experience high minor leaguers who had been released or who had given up the game journeymen type players to build rosters and to lead other players long through the example of of their experiences but you know you if you start from scratch you don't you don't have anything now ricky ricky was hoping that he could duplicate what ban johnson did in nineteen hundred and nineteen a one ban johnson started the american league and as he did they were going to have a serious problem getting players ricky came up a little short of what johnson did johnson moved in to the is the national league national league was the only league operating at that point majorly but he moved in to move the american league into national league territory simply began signing nationally players from the major league rosters and from high minor league rosters well ricky assumed that he could do some of that and that he could he could maybe get agreement from the national and american league clubs this would have been fifty nine and sixty two limit the number players that they controlled through the reserve clause he was hoping for a while to to limit the number that a major league club could reserve to forty the forty man roster with any thought well maybe we can limit it to sixty his i think is heart wasn't in it because he had benefitted over the years from an unlimited reserve clause but anyway that's where players we're gonna come from but that made it a bit iffy along the way.

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