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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Control Delete. Today's Girth is someone that I've wanted to interview both so so long I'm a huge fan of her work. I've listened to every podcast that she's ever been on. This was very exciting, but she came onto control delete. So, today's guest is Glennon Doyle I. Absolutely adored her books. Love Warrior, which was an Oprah Book Club selection as well as her. New York, Times Bestseller carry-on Warrior, she is an activist and thought leader, and she's also the founder of together rising, which is an all women led nonprofit organization. That really is helping people all over the world. She has raised over twenty five million dollars for women, families and children in. In crisis in this episode, we discussed Glennon. newburgh untamed which has taken the world by storm. The full name is untamed. Stop pleasing start living, and it's gone on to become a number one new. York Times Bestseller and Book Club selection in Reese Witherspoon Book. Club. The book is about how Glenn, and for so many years denied feeling unhappy in her life, and and she thought she was doing everything just right on. On that classic tick box of life, and then well speaking conference, she looked Owen across the room, which is Abby Wambach, and she fell instantly in love with her, the voice rededicate out the one that she buried beneath decades of numbing addictions and social conditioning. The book untamed is a really amazingly written memoir, also wake-up coal, and it's really unique in the way. It's being written and we talk about that in this. This episode. It's not being written in your classic format that we expect it's truly unique, and you will read it so quickly. Because of the way it's written. It has story of how she learned that being a responsible mother is not one who gives up who she is for her children, but one who shows them how to Philly live, and this really is a book about unleashing trust and wildest selves and instincts. We talk in this episode about how she got the book out that to so many people during lockdown and I've picked up some of my favorite bits I one talk to her about in the book that really resonated with me, and in general we just discuss how to be a little bit braver and a bit wilder in the lives we live. If you need more Glennon content after you've listened to this episode. She is also doing some incredible instagram lives and I g TV uploads every day pretty much, and she radio's just the pep talk. I think we all need especially right. Right now so I hope you enjoy this episode. I want to apologize in advance for the quality of this one. My microphone wasn't working. And also because you're on Google hangouts while doing it the Internet connection probably wasn't the best, so you know I'm still trying to just make this work. And I really got not to meet Glennon person because we organized to do it while she is in London, but obviously that didn't happen, so yeah, please bear with me with the sound, but I promised. It's worth it for all of the incredible nuggets of wisdom that glennon drops in this episode. She liked it. Please delete rating or review on I changed. It helps massively and I will see you next week..

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