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Dead radio show hosted by robert hue sake suddenly at noon here at news eleven ten 993 wbt sunday and a high of fifty five partly cloudy tonight the low near forty right now it's forty two and hunters will 42 in charlotte next update at noon pretty hammer wbt traffic eleven fortynine light to pack into these final minutes butts because of a nice guy i've got to give terrell another opportunity iraqi oh promises to behave himself farright what's up man behave muck up always do that i i agree with your politics or anything but i never never continue you 'akau'ola and yesterday on your show you said that you will be bringing up uh the stormy gangs issue used ufl ffl never got to yesterday and then said you would bring it up today but you still have it but it's no surprise because that's what you wanna do you wanna suite that under the rug but it's not because they're late he's been paid a hundred and thirty thousand dollars as a bribe so it's all wanna he wants show what the trump supporters that you have calling is show think about that yeah i'd love to hear that to uh i appreciate your call um you know one of the reasons why and i think any talk show host will tell you this there were times there are things you just don't get too i i'm not trying to avoid this subject there are other things that have taken precedence and we did not get to we perhaps will deal with this in the coming week i think you ought to know by now and if you think i am avoiding this because i i'm afraid of addressing this none freed of anything really not so up we will get to this in due time when i feel like talking about it right now let's take a look at the day in history this the knife day of march two thousand eighteen and landzo's all set to just east every single one of these questions right let's rodber's yao i love it leave it to.

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