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Reason for that which we will get into in a minute or so, but a happy Friday eve to you at all the listeners in you're ready. Are you ready? What I what I ask a question typically respond. What's into it? Radio typically doesn't work too. Well, we call that dead air. I want to say hi to a good people in Fillmore Fillmore. Hello everybody in Fillmore this morning. Forty eight hours. There was a bar in the Fillmore. If you recall, I did not remember that. But you're right. Quite anytime you with the deep dive there. Well, anyway, good morning. So the house has to spending package and will avoid a government shutdown for now wish thank God. You know again. So in my world, what does it mean to the markets is really where you're going in again. This is just this is what we've seen over the last few years now, they just continue to push this thing forward. Nothing really get solved. They just put it off to another day. And they hope that they can continue to put it off until the next administration takes office. And it's his or her problem, and that's been the I mean that's been the routine and the markets for whatever reason seem to like that. There will come a day when Mr. market wakes up and say, you know, what this is untenable. This can't continue we need to do something about this and Mr. market will have a sell off. But we're not seeing that. Now, the market is good word. This is a Harvard word, and I mentioned that for another reason the market is impervious to all bad news. It's a brilliant word. You know, I'm not that bright. But I looked it up in my dinosaurs thing that helps with words l book thing, but the dust on it on yourself that thing. Yeah. This I mean, we've got Chinese tariffs this week. We've got the cavenaugh hearings. We've got Rosenstein, we've got the house spending Bill and the markets are the futures are up this morning. Grind grind higher. Just I we had a sell off yesterday in the back of the fed decision. The fed decided to raise rates again. That was not a surprise. They telegraph that quite well. They didn't say anything that was that out of the ordinary in terms of what they saw going forward. But the market did have this whatever some commensurate so up which we typically say, but to your point this morning, it's business as usual. And again, that's great. But you mentioned I mean, everybody seems to think everybody beating the market seems to think everything with China will go swimmingly, and there will be a deal. They'll be in accord, you'll see president Xi and President Trump arm-in-arm either in the rose garden or someplace else. But what I've said, and what I will continue to say is I think the Chinese are a much different adversary. I think they're not playing the five-month game that plane the fifty year game. And I don't see any reason for them to acquiesce and to make a deal. I think I think the Chinese pose a different type of problem for President Trump. You can't use the same playbook every frigging game. And that's what your buddy has decided. Also, you can't run with the same playbook. Every time you leave your house or the same shorts or the same shorts. That was the worst. I've ever done. You gotta you gotta change your sort. Now, you mentioned that for reasons. So I met this young man. I listen Twitter is a wonderful world. Right. And every once in a while people follow me on my who is this guy or gal following me. So I looked at your one gentleman up. His name is Terry white. And he followed me, and he is a Harvard. Grad lacrosse player at Harvard. I will say this really good looking guy. He could have done. One hundred different things after college could have gone to law school med school been a model. Go to Wall Street hedge fund startup Silicon Valley. But you know, what he decided to do? He decided abuse his entrepreneurial spirit to start a company, and I gotta tell you something he's through the trials and tribulations his built himself, a wonderful company. And I think we have Terry on the phone is that correct, please tell me that's correct. That is correct. Good morning. Hey, guys. Thank you for having me. I think guide needs to either be your I don't know man, crush or your agent. I haven't quite decided, but he is your biggest fan. I'm telling you. Yeah. We're we're still working on that we had to define the terms define your relationship. I read so tell us about first of all tell us about what inspired you to come up with the product that you have made. No, I think for me it was kind of combination between looking for that kind of post collegiate filming in purpose that really drove me to ultimately of take action. But but honestly, the Genesis of my brand it's called Warwick. Oh and changed our way of life athletic company, really just came from leaving my apartment when I was in new new graduate living in York City, and and not having a place to store a phone. So that I can listen to music while running or my apartment. Was talking my partner Keith into my socks. And I just simply said to myself, you know, there's gotta be a better way here. And that's when the idea for compression shorts with sweat proof compressive pockets built into it came into my mind, and kinda wanna hand that I that was really my lightbulb moment if you will. And as you kind of it consume media idea of building a brand, especially active apparel space. I felt like there's a lot of opportunity. This is about four four and a half five years ago when I had the idea so just excited me and and push me to poke around and eventually the ball, really studying wrong. And so literally, this is your sweat and tears in your product right now, which is a brilliant idea. And I think that you know, they always talk about how necessity seems to be the Genesis of a lot of things that our life. But that is true. I mean, I I wear these stupid rose gold colored fanny pack when I go out because they don't want to have like wet money. Well, it's good to say that one more time rose, gold colored fanny pack does your husband know, event that no I try and like hide it from member put it under my shirt or something really good. Then Quasimodo with a big Hong on the back. I think we should. Okay. So that's why Terry is gonna hook you up with some swag. I apologize for jumping and Kyrie. That's what I'm saying is ugly. What I have to wear your right? I stuck my key and my sock in it's all nice and sweaty or I'll put my five bucks like around my waist, which is always great and sweaty and gross when you have to stop somewhere. So the the idea of a compression short with a sweat proof pocket is brilliant. Thank you. I mean, the the crazy thing about it is that I think, you know, it's simple, right? Like, it's. Yes, it's brilliant a lot of ways because the applicant will to a lot of people. But I think the simplest ideas, often get overlooked, and and and in many cases, that's where the opportunity lies. I was looking on your website to and you've got t shirts. Do they have that same sort of pocket in them? You know, we've. We look at this is a I think the thing that really drives me as kind of the opportunity to to build a brand that can impact a lot of people in a more holistic way. And you know, starting with an literally like nine inch in seem compression short one singular product out of the gate instinct, really really focused on that for a couple of years is what's now giving us the luxury of being able to go and and expand our product offering just within the Activa, curl states, generally. And so it's it's not just shorts. It's it's you've got pants of like the kind of the the shorter. I don't know what they call the Capri style all the way down to the lake regular full length and those do have the pockets in right? Yes. See we've expanded that compression offerings all eight four different links kinda comedy seasonality, and and just preference of of our customer, and it's been that really has been the heartbeat of the business, and you know, really putting our foot down when it comes to quality of instruction. You know, all of our compressions also made here in the Los Angeles area and allowed us to really have that take that hands on approach. And you know, you have a generation of people that I think have are starting to have a much higher standard for the product that they consumed enough, but on top of that the brand that they affiliate listen, and you know, I think they expect a little bit more of a personal touch from the brands that they did they interact with and and that they purchased from. And that's something that we're trying to do and trying to deliver through forms of media and content. Even, you know, physical accusations within the big markets that that where we have critical massive of customer. Well, Terry, I think you reaching out to guy Adama was one of the also smartest things that you've done because he is a hero here in southern California. We love to have him on. So when he said, my Buddy's got a great product. I said, let's do it. Thank you guys. It's awesome to chat, and you know, we're out here in LA for just for about six days. And it's our second markets in New York City, and it's been a very organic gravitation of kind of customer to to our brand. So we we thought why not come out here and meet as many people as we can and and just kind of engage with the market. So thank you guys for for taking time. Absolutely. Thank you. And I put up a link on my Twitter feed at JJ L KFI. You can get all of Terry's information, go right to the website and get see all of the different products that he's got Terry. Thanks so much for joining us this morning. Thank you guys. Have a good day. Thanks you too. Horrible. Line. I'm trying to help the entrepreneurs of this country one at a time. You know what I'm saying? And listen, I couldn't get into Harvard. If they if if if I if I paid my way in with with Bill Gates's money, but this kid, you know, did the whole thing plays lacks. Gotta you gotta admire that the entrepeneurship spirit in this country is alive and well. Absolutely. What's your tip of the day? Here's my tip of the day. It's sorta all works. You can see Titus altogether. Okay. The only obstacles in life are the ones we put in front of us. Amen to that meant to that. The only pockets that we put in front of us are the sweaty ones until Terry comes along and make short shorts that don't sweat. But when you go home today, whatever rose colored, what'd you call that thing pack. Yeah. Do like burned an effigy something. I'll I'll put it in the fire pit out. Guy. I'll talk to you next week. Thanks again. For Terry later when we come back. We will talk with ABC's. Karen Travers, the president is supposed to meet with deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein this morning. There was potentially was gonna fire him a lot of people said don't fire him because of the head of the midterm elections would be horrible timing was making of timing. Now, you've got the cavenaugh hearings today, and the president might just say, you know, what rod we're gonna put this meeting.

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