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We're just talking about Stephen so much the guy who will put all the lies left out the exculpatory evidence about Carter page in the FISA warrant applications we just got a call I we just got a tax I'm an FBI agent I check the directory and so much is currently a field supervisor in the New York field office I think that's like being a you know a sergeant or a lieutenant you know I mean it's not all the way up the ladder but it's it's only just being a simple it's simple but just being a field agent so we're with death where is thy sting isn't a it's like a it's like that guy PM PGA the guy that was the guy that interviewed the flan with Schrock I mean he was he was like a you know button number three or four guys in the San Francisco office which is a huge office until his name got out and now they've they've disappeared him like Stalin used to deal with members of the politburo who fell out of favor no I don't wear it again if you're still listen and the man was where P. NK is I don't think he's on any of the depth charge though anymore he's been like I said he's been banished but anyway there's there's more to get to hear in the stop for the you know that this this is just this is just so bad it's just keeps going on and on and on and there's the I mean I think bar wants to get to the bottom of it but he he's you know he's having to move slowly and as for Christopher Wray he's just he's as worthless as memories on a mall if you know what I'm saying all right time now for the chump line all right the stock markets dropping like a rock which I printed it the lock will bomb a country very well put you.

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