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Seven oh wait there's more to a long window than meets the eye long windows dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks Marilyn ballet tap side out of the go slow for ninety five over to Georgia Avenue than before Georgetown road into the big curve heading down towards River Road inner loop it been heavy south of town we've got to lay Central Avenue headed toward basically joint base Sanders then slow branch Avenue down toward the Wilson bridge outer loop near temple hills before branch Avenue vehicle or two off the roadway they took down the sign on the side of the roadway the right lanes blocked authorities remain on scene two seventy come in south bend your jam give them and I could see into a banner toward one oh nine before exit twenty two for Hightstown the crash had been blocking the left lane the accident the intersection Connecticut Avenue and beers mill cleared lanes once again opened one hundred east bound and sever the ramp to go north on I ninety seven there's been a reported crash in upper Marlboro north on Pennsylvania Avenue after Suitland parkway last seen from college we had a crash there blocking the left lane slowing in Virginia sixty six games released ride towards Centerville and again heavy at fifty toward one twenty three in our lives those out of the Springfield interchange toward Annandale ninety five north bound heavy get meta Falmouth near the center point parkway does remain a little bit below the posted to require slow again Dale city Woodbridge then again a little bit delay Lorton toward Newington three ninety five now slows north of the beltway up toward king street and more delays north of Shirlington headed toward the inbound fourteenth Jack Taylor WTOP traffic visibility is below a half mile this morning there's a dense fog advisory until nine AM also watch out for some drizzle could be a couple showers this afternoon our highs will be in the mid to upper.

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