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Obispo. He's a left-hander. The renault handed quarterbacks. And then i got dave craig and i. I think he went to a college now. Defunct terry bradshaw ben rothlisberger. I mean we could just continue to go down the list. There was a time. Joy that north carolina state had three starting quarterbacks in the nfl. Ohio state in alabama combined had zero north carolina state had three that philip rivers russell wilson and i think glennon they had three quarterbacks at one point starting in the nfl and all the powers had none us have one. I think now when with scouting and especially with social media there's so many more ways to get yourself out there. Yes and they do pay attention to these. These videos and i was talking to my daughter. Eels these guys put out about some tiktok star. And i'm like who she and she's like oh she she's From connecticut or we used to live and she's a dancer and she's a big tiktok star. And i'm like how big she's like the biggest in the world like she's dancer just a kid from connecticut is the number one tiktok star dancer. I forget her name. But she's like a big deal and it's like okay that that's the world we live in people find you. Well we're gonna bring in buddy healed sacramento kings guard. Y one of our topics today has been. Don't be shocked if team. Usa doesn't blow all these teams out. There is so much global talent are. Mvp is from serbia. The runner-up joel embiid is from cameroon. The defensive player of the year rudy gobert from france. The best young players probably luca he's from slovenia. This is the world we live in. Now there's so much talent and buddy healed five years in the nba with the kings. One of the pelicans six overall pick he is from the bahamas. And i.

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