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Harassing anti far far right provocateur Andy no finally got his wish of being milkshake far right simple terms like temple will milk this victim's story but thing quotes for the next week at least really so so when you know people from the press complain about how awful it is to work with trump in there basically you know risking their lives were you that's different than when you're actually getting attacked really yeah that's what they're saying and and and is going back to Toby young here and spectator writing about this he says we have people in the media supporting this really pushing that for months critics of milkshake throwing told you all about that have warned it will lead to escalation but left wing journalist like David Erin knowledge have defended the practice just this month comedian women's equality party supporter Jo brand joked about the protesters who'd thrown milkshakes at the brexit party candidates in the European election quote why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid that's what she said on the BBC why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid the BBC came to her defense some people complained about that by the way Chris Cuomo championed anti funcionan remember beating up S. is is Toby right here beating up a journalist because here she criticizes your political ideology is with the **** party did in Germany in the nineteen thirties Andy is a gay person of color and is the and if a group of right wing thugs assaulted a left wing journalist who took the same demographic boxes the mainstream media would be clamoring for justice and every democratic presidential contender would raise the incident the forthcoming debate absolutely right and this is an assault on freedom it's an assault on free speech it's in a salt on freedom of the press and it's super scary because what we're saying is if there's a bigger of mob and enough people agree with the mob then we're going to let them break the law and beat people up and that will escalate they're already being people up there already vandalizing causing tens of thousands of dollars in in property damage how long before somebody gets killed the very things the far left warn you about the tea party that never happened is what's happening with NT four and they don't care so take cruise says Hey maybe something should be done about this I'll get you a Ted Cruz said about it in just a minute then we'll get into what's going on the legal immigration situation with the Democrats are saying about open borders you got to hear this audio we've got for L. lots to do my name's Greg Knapp in for Chad Benson this is the Chad Benson show this is it out minute mark Saltzman brought to you by asus we all know that failed THX.

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