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Bravo? This is a super analysis so. This is one of the first dreams that like when I started dream journaling this year to prepare for the PODCAST. So I think you're absolutely right. I was and still am dealing with imposter syndrome like related to. Doing a podcast and you know. Who Am I to do this? Who Do I think? I am to step out of my comfort zone put myself out there like in literally start a business with you. So I never thought I could be quote entrepreneur, and this is definitely like a limiting belief that I have so. I could see like the person who's got all these making me see things from a different perspective is like killing this limiting belief, but I'm resistant to that change. Also this this friend is like super progressive and they have like. I don't know they just a lot of really cool ideas in real life that I just haven't thought about which are things that might go too far for either my parents to say deals that I grew up with. So I wonder if like I am very interested to know more but it's sort of just resistant it'd be like I can't believe capitalism is bad. Maybe. Anyway yeah excellent your honor Aris. All right. Here's a question going back to the dream. Okay I was Gonna ask what does it mean? I. Know that this is not related to the Stream. Exactly. But how come when I died in dreams I usually wake up immediately or all goes dark. Yes I'm so glad you asked this. So back to in Wallace he said because we don't really understand what happens to us after our bodies die like in real life dreams about death typically a roughly before after the point of impact, the minds computer just doesn't have enough data to kind of complete the simulation. Yeah isn't that that's so weird. So what I'm interested in then flip wise. Yeah, it's like. Does everybody have those dreams or do people have dreams where they like go on and do other things? What does that mean when they like they just continue just keep dreaming? I don't know if everything doesn't go dark. Is that does it is it the end of that dream or because I have I sure. Had Dreams where like I died and then something else happens..

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