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Anyway, Mahachi side is a no longer living Burmese meditation master, yes, and he was incredibly important at bringing meditation to lay people, and he got this crazy idea to take lay. People put them on these intensive retreat programs and watched a whole bunch of them wake up and get traditional insight stages and get traditional stages of awakening. Whereas before it was in many ways, the monks were doing that. But lay people not nearly so much and so this happened in Burma and sort of the middle of the twentieth century. And then some people started westerners started going over doing these things, and they started waking up and getting insights, and he also came to the insight meditation society in Barre, Massachusetts. And he taught there three month in like nineteen eighty or eighty one or something somewhere around there, and all of a sudden they got a vastly higher proportion of stream enters than they had ever had. And there were like, whoa. This is pretty cool and they've been teaching noting or some variant of it for their three-month ever since because they were impressed that at its ability to get people in touch with what's going on. It's a very simple technique. You just like note rising rising falling falling for the bathroom lifting living placing or whatever for the feet or wandering for the mind. Or, you know, seeing hearing thinking, you know, an exactly which not use. And how you use them. You know, not not something to get, you know, tune erotic about and you can find instructions in this in his very simple and wonderful book. Practical insight, meditation, my favorite book of all time by. Yeah. And this strangely simple technique creates in some people who do it. Well, and high enough dose some very very powerful effects that were kinda surprising to me. And my body was shaking and sniffing. And I was like sweating and seeing Dr things having weird sensations through my body. And then I was like felt like I was like sinking through the floor into narcotic strain syrup where everything was going like freeze frame flashing, and I'm like what the hell like this is like what I went through as a kid, but even weirder like and more powerful because I'm now I'm doing it on retreat with very very powerful technique. And then I've been able to sit for like four hours. And now I could barely sit for five minutes without unbelievable restlessness and irrit- retations since of like. Just existential horrible nece like welling up. And I'm like what the heck? And then the old monk seeing me have gotten to a stage that was worthy to give little more information to play this old, scratchy tape of the old Burmese monk with a very thick accent describing the status of insight, except he and you could tell this tape and played like a thousand times on this little cassette recorder. And yet he described in order, everything I had gone through in sequence with freakish level of detail and stuff. But I thought it was just my own weird body doing weird stuff. Like, I've never heard of the stuff and all of a sudden, they not only do they know about it. But they can predict it and describe it and clearly everybody else seems to go through something like this to or they wouldn't play the tape. And it convinced me that I was in stage called reservation, which could be very challenging stage for some. But that right after it was equity in if I just have faith in the traditional technique and just note, whatever's going on no matter how bad it is that I can maybe get through this. That's what happens and all of a sudden from intense restlessness and irritation in my mind feeling like a crazy hive of bees, I buckle down, and sort of gather, my resources and through the horrible. And all of a sudden everything opens up, and I'm the sort of weird flowing space of equanimity and things are amazing. And then the retreat ends. And then I fall back into the dark Knight and kind of wreck my life and kind of mess up my relationship with my first wife, and I kind of mess up the service project that I'm working with and Bob guy. India the time, and I can't Salama nickel school interviews because I now don't care anything about going to medical school. I'd gotten all these great interviews, some really great schools, and I can't saw that. And I sell nearly everything I own and I decided I'm going to go, you know, go on some long retreat or whatever..

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