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Friday it's still sixty five humidity fifty two percent with the southwest wind up to twenty miles per hour express five ten at W. C. B. S. the town of Leonia has won a court reprieve in its effort to keep users of the George Washington bridge office residential streets the state department of transportation will be only a street restrictions were invalid an appeals court now says the D. O. T. did not conduct an adequate investigation before issuing that finding Leonia was frustrated with drivers whose navigation apps were steering them onto its streets the leader of the upstate sex called Nexium is asking for a new trial in his sex trafficking case in June a jury found Keith Raniere guilty of recruiting sex slaves and branding them his lawyer now claims to witnesses perjured themselves when they denied they were planning to sue Ranier after his trial attorneys for the two women say they were not planning to join a lawsuit but changed their minds when they saw how much evidence was revealed during the trial the new Jersey mother claims a spray sanitizer she bought at the seven eleven in river Vale burned her son's arms and legs she says yes first degree burns river Vale police seized all the stores remaining bottles the ingredients listed on the bottles include chemicals known to cause severe burns W. CBS news time five eleven Hey Greg I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's heart attack thanks he's okay now but it really got me thinking about my family you know could my wife still pay our mortgage if I had a heart problem okay my kids to go to college that is really scary yeah you should call my life insurance agent health IQ when I got life insurance for my family last year these save me forty one percent versus any other company I looked at forty one percent that's huge yep hello thank you start by shopping everyone with a top thirty life insurance.

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