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To you by the van loan school at endicott college all right lorry on brit three southbound we had a crash out there in burlington right by the rams to one 28 i think they've been able to move that over to a toward the shoulder on route 3 northbound that's all jammed up from sixty two to trouble cove road and it's a bit slow too right after 495 now 93 north bound there are all jammed up still out there leaving the tunnel getting up to a crash on the right by route sixteen then expect delays from spa pond getting up to one 28 and again from 495 to one ten as a crash on the southbound side by mantell app and that's got you back to just about commerce way expect allies to on one 28 northbound from the pike getting up to route two and again from three in burlington up to just about every twenty eight and writing route one northbound stop and go from route sixteen up to win straight after that not too bad getting up into the saga stretch and making your way to linfield downtown boston star we spanish back to kenmore the lower deck of 93 getting a bit busy are again back to about the college connector in both directions all jammed up still expect delays on the pike eastbound from just about fenway park or so getting of toward the expressway west of town the pike eastbound is slow from one 28 getting of the newton corner westbound stop and go from alston out to the west in barracks not about after that getting of toward for ninety five south of town one 28 south still stop and go sixteen down toward highland avenue and again from just after route one over to 24 and northbound's gonna be heavy from the split to 24 expressway south remains fall next port six twenty three wbz's traffic on the threenothing and now bury burbank s fourday wbz accuweather attorney are wet this evening and even white in some locations 'some wet snow does fall but it doesn't look like it it amount to anything outside of the 495 belt temperatures down to thirty five central mass to forty four foreign cape cod highs tomorrow forty eight is a close out in the morning a few showers lingering southeastern mass though sunny with light when all.

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