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First one percent move in the S. and P. in either direction since mid October but a late surge saved us from being down one percent that's the six longest such streak in fifty years at the bell the Dow was down a hundred seventy to twenty eight nine ninety the S. and P. lost thirty to thirty two ninety five the nasdaq gave back eighty seven to ninety three fourteen apple Intel touch new fifty two week highs Intel added over five dollars on a terrific fourth quarter transportation stocks have been hit a new high in sixteen months the Dow Jones transportation average is a basket of twenty large U. S. airlines truckers railroads and shippers and it's three point seven percent below tie said in twenty eighteen the normal Dow was up eleven percent over that same time frame eight names in town or down double digits are ready for the year EQT is winning the wrong race down thirty nine percent a year to this point they lost another six percent today we checked your money at twenty and fifty past the hour from her from Tilton this core Utah newsradio ten twenty KDKA we need to tonight on sixty minutes sixty minutes the centerpiece of major broadcast on world events sixty minutes gives you the biggest headlines and best storytelling on TV and now on your schedule president trump's campaign term fake news old Russia may have.

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