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The film stars honors Swinton burn, as Julie, and yes, she is related the daughter of actress chilled us win who plays her mother in this film, Tom Burke, plays Anthony. The film is directed by Joanna hawk the highly acclaimed independent filmmaker and based on a story based on a relationship in her own life, Tilda Swinton, and Joanna Hogg are lifelong friends. They both joins us now from New York. Thank you, very much for being with us. Thank you, Scott. Cates, a pleasure. Tilda swinton. You, you knew the real guy enjoy hogs life. Yes. I did and forgive me. But did you ever in real life say to her? I don't know anything. Did you ever venture and opinion like this isn't going anywhere or news written? I didn't I think that, that JoAnne. Similarly, didn't see that was bad news written on him a tool, and one of the things that I think a modern audience will find really particular. About the stories the way in which this young woman who so impacted in so many ways is completely clueless about something that to us. When we watched the film, we see failure obvious. But that is true. We were pretty clueless. Also, it's rather. Interesting says reasons I think we were extremely naive Joanna awkward, what were those reasons because I've, I've got to say, by the way, Tom Burke, gives a great performance. But as soon as you hit the screen, my fatherly instincts were riled. Well, well, I didn't see that a toll. I saw someone who is incredibly articulate and intelligent would always have an interesting argument. But also, it made me feel somewhat inadequate because I didn't have the knowledge and the and what seemed like the knowledge of the world and how the world works that he had. So in the process of making this film. I do see a very passionate human being. But someone who had this self destructive streak, and that's very sad to me for someone who had so much potential, but never realized it. Yeah. May I ask you hug what was your thinking in not showing? Anthony story. I don't know how it came to drugs. We don't really know what he does all of that. Yes. Well, that's an interesting point because that was almost the reason why I hadn't made the film before because I felt that if I was telling the story I need to set it from both points of view. And I didn't have the confidence I, she didn't have the knowledge about this character to be able to tell his side of the story, and it's something I felt was like a failing in myself not to be able to know him better. But he was you can see he's portrayed. He was somewhat an ignorant quite mysterious about what he did. So I let go of this idea of having to be accurate and get the facts, right? But what is not about the facts? Anyway, it's about an impression of time, but I gave myself license not to see his viewpoint not I didn't want to see his point because there's a second to this tiles. Some of their sequel in the works. I gather yes there is. There is imminently mercy. Tilda swinton. What? How did you feel about your daughter under Swinburne, plane, your daughter in such an emotional film? Well, it was very interesting process because Jonah was talking to me about playing the mother for quite a while. And as the months went by kept asking if she was getting on finding the skull and Joanna loves to work, it fa- very intelligent reasons in my view with people who haven't performed before she, she likes to work with the wild animals, and we talked about. I talked to her about my, my friends, children, and on his friends and, and only finally about two weeks before we started filming did it to cut us. And, and I looked to have other as am doing now across the studio and said that somebody we haven't discussed, and she was valuable for so many reasons. But the very fact that she was not interested in performing she's still interested in performing. She's she after after this performance, she doesn't think she has a knack for it. She wants to go to university and Android psychology neurology. So, but I but I mean, as you may know Scott, I still don't identifies ACTA myself having dish made films for thirty five years. So one doesn't necessarily have to call oneself and actor in films. The show veneer of the title is, of course, also a painting that hangs in a gallery, which Anthony takes Julie to see in the painting recurs in the film. That's right. Anthony, seeing that in that painting, do you think? Yeah. What, what do you think because I'm still figuring it out myself and I went to see the painting, it's in the what its connection in Mancha scar in London, and it's a it's almost a miniature minute, and it's very detailed an I I'm still fascinated in y I was taken taken Judy to one. It's connection to see that particular painting. It was a favourite painting of the pus, and I knew. So it has significance. But I'm still yeah the onus truth is that I'm still working what significance as and I suppose I felt when I was being shown that painting was was, I was in some way looking myself, but I think I remember just thinking about it now. Remember slight feeling almost of shame or embarrassment that I was, I was being told that this relationship is going to be important in some way, or I was important to this man. And I hadn't quite got my head run that, that point when we first met, and in the film significantly when you win Julian and Antonia looking at the painting, they, they make different things of it. It's important that she doesn't really see what he sees it, it's important to him that she's very much in love that I am. Isn't audience now? But I love that moment. Because obviously that's important him to think of her as very much in love. Yes. Yes. Yes. And that was the pressure, I felt a young woman at that time that I was to be in love with somebody, so he he puts in the picture that. Joanna Hogg, who is the director of the souvenir. Tilda Swinton is one of the stars. Thank you, very much for being with us. Thank you very much Scott and very nice to speak to you. Thank you very much. At least one page of this year's Marjory, stoneman Douglas high school yearbook that brings smiles, it's photos of the faces of the fourteen therapy dogs brought into the school since last year shooting. The dog seemed to smile back couple war bow ties, spin ear of recovery at the school marked by rough patches to teams in parkland to live the shootings took their lives this year. There were other school shootings around the country to bring back nightmares in the first anniversary of the shootings that killed so many classmates, and staff therapy dogs were part of the campus strolled into classes, were therefore hug, brought a sense of comfort and calm to students and staff. Caitlyn. Tibbets. The yearbook Senator told BuzzFeed including them was a really good representation of our school. And what we've gone through seeing them as something with forward to every day. These dogs are going to be there until the last of us are gone. Orange world is short story collection that plunges reader into new worlds that are at once vaguely familiar and totally fantastic. Boy, falls in love with the girl who's both too old, and too dead. For a widowed tornado farmer. Yep. You heard that, right. Discovers how young storm can grow to overtake lives and mother makes a diabolical deal. It's the latest book from Karen Russell. It was a Pulitzer prize. Finalist for her novel swamp land, she joins us ner studios. Thanks for being with us. Thank you so much for having me, Scott. All these detailed visions of other worlds come from my goodness, feel like some of relatives think the answer is flu medication. I really credit growing up in Miami in some ways, Miami, if you've ever been there, it really is so many pocket universes, kind of condensed into one location. So, yeah, it's, it's a totally wild place. And then I think as a consequence, I was drawn to fiction writers, who are making these worlds will worlds. So let me ask you about some of these stories, bog girl is a fantastic story in always teenager, who works in the bog minds of an unnamed bog, mining community falls in love with a two thousand year old beautifully preserved body of young woman. You always have to ask for young love is concerned, is, is it lover mirror, infatuation? I'm going to say this is mere infatuation in some ways, but I was, you know, it's funny I just read this story at a at a high school, which is a terrifying experience for me. I haven't set foot in high school. Was that age? I confess that I'm really not sure how it went over. They seemed a little creeped out, and of course, in the in the story, I don't have to tell you, he he brings his new love to, to high school. And everybody is very understanding. You know, this is a funny story, totally to try to get right? I think on the one end I wanted to say something sort of earnest and true about I love, you know, that very tinnitus state of sort of discovering something about yourself as you're falling. But also I was thinking about what a game of projection, this life can be, and the kind of violence that we can do to real bodies project stories on them. So there's a there's a twist at the end that I hope is a little bit of a feminist take on. Well, yeah. And I don't wanna give anything away. But the, the implication, is that, you know, a lot of a lot of men just want women to be silent. Absolutely. Absolutely. I do think that, and I think it made sense to me, somehow that he would. Have this sort of rescuer fantasy about this bog body that he finds who conveniently is always smiling always serene. Totally inert. You know, not not really complex in the way that a real person is right? He doesn't have to grapple with sort of the dimensions of a real person, the titled story, orange world. I, I can't that. That's an actual term. I hadn't heard it before. No, this ended up being this wonderful metaphor that I stole from my actual kind of new, we went to all of these classes, I was very anxious pregnant person. And so we went to, you know, the safety classes, and there was this educator, who gave us this metaphor. She said, you know, green world is the ideal. It's this world of infinite. Attention perfect faith easy read world. You know, she described sort of true, health skates and, you know, you don't credibly dangerous situations. She said most of the time we're living in orange world. She said this, interestingly, maybe a month before the twenty sixteen elections. But it did sort of feel like a good controlling metaphor for all the stories that this book gathers up to me in some way, that sort of purgatorio space. That's you know, it's not really a heaven, it's not a true hell, but it's you can sort of feel those polarities. And you feel how quickly right? What a short commute it can be actually from your everyday into something that does feel quite like a hell. In your titled story..

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