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A speaker nancy. Pelosi can afford to lose only three democratic votes in the house on the democrats only piece of the biden infrastructure legislation and now nine. Moderate democrats have signed a letter that reads like an ultimatum. Saying they will not vote for the budget resolution that begins the legislative process for the democrats. Only bill unless they get to vote for the bipartisan. Bill that i be before the democrats only bill. The bipartisan bill. That was passed in the senate last week. With the support of all the democrats and nineteen republicans including mitch mcconnell speaker pelosi replied to the ultimatum with a letter to all house. Democrats saying quote. Our goal is to pass the budget resolution the week of august twenty third so that we may pass democrats build back better agenda via reconciliation as soon as possible. I have requested that the rules committee explore the possibility of a rule that advances both the budget resolution and the bipartisan infrastructure. Package this will put us on a path to advance the infrastructure. Bill and the reconciliation. Bill let us proceed united. The nine house democrats responded in a statement saying while we appreciate the forward procedural movement on the bipartisan infrastructure agreement. Our view remains consistent. We should vote. I on the bipartisan infrastructure. Framework without delay and then move to immediate consideration of the budget resolution. Jirgas now congressional. Historian norm ornstein. He is an emeritus scholar at the americans surprise institute and jonathan alter is with us columnist from the daily beast. Msnbc political analyst and norm. You have studied these legislative paths many times over the years. Is nancy pelosi facing a speed bump or a roadblock in the house and when you read her statement and the statement by the nine democrats. How do you solve that puzzle putting those words together. It's it's a speed bump. It's a big speed bump. We've had some of those where you really have to slow down to get over them I trust pelosi To be able to find the way past this now one way she may have to deal with it is to take up. I that infrastructure bill but remember there's controversy over at least one element of that bill. Which is the bitcoin and other such currencies vision for regulation. One thing that she could do is pass a bring up this infrastructure bill. Not exactly the same as the one that passed in the senate so that it doesn't move that quickly to the president's desk and then bring up immediately the budget resolution or she could simply find a path forward by placating in some other fashion. These nine moderates who i think in part are just saying wait a minute. Just the squad. You gotta pay attention to us as well. Jonathan alter nor makes it sound easy. He's got a strategy which is interest that hadn't thought of this which is past the. A senate bipartisan bill. Just altering one line and it basically one provision what that means is we know of course is that well then the senate has to vote on it again and then send it back to the house. So she's just added she's given the nine technically want in vote but she's also slowed down that bipartisan process. So that it could come after the democrats only bill there's There's a few different ways to do this. I guess yeah and the first way that she's gonna try as to have one rule or both bills you know. Every bill he goes to the floor of the house of representatives as to go through the rules committee and they set of rules of the road for the debate on the house floor. And she's trying to fuse. These two bills under one rule. The thing you have to understand about nancy pelosi is. She is one of the great speakers of the house in american history. She is a real boss. Tremendously formidable legislator. And i have a lot of confidence in her ability to finesse. This particular problem. She's got a ninety six members to her left nine members to her right. This is a situation which she has faced before another bills with lower stakes but nonetheless this is the kind of problem that she's familiar with and I'm i'm pretty sure she's going to figure out a way to victory one of the key things of all of this year. Twenty twenty one. The key political backs and i i would argue surprises is the level of discipline within the democratic party. And remember this is not about the senate this is not about republicans this is about democrats coming together and they have done so repeatedly this year i think they will again morrison and jonathan alter thank you for that update. We will be back at it. Thank you both very much for joining us exactly and coming up. Prison biden is ordering the largest increase in the value of food stamps in history simply by basing food stamp benefits on a healthier diet for americans that's next. Hey it's chris. As this week on my podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking author and retired lieutenant. Colonel alexander vincent an insider's story with the man behind president trump's first impeachment. It was entering the lines. Then i take a lot of regards. I still felt a lot of support from the professional staff. But at the same time that was a razor thin layer of directors everybody else basically political appointees and everything every was being kinda batard. Best not an exaggeration. That's this week on. Why is this happening. Search for wise happening wherever you're listening right. Now and subscribe burgers diet has changed substantially since one thousand nine hundred sixty two especially americans healthy food choices but the food stamp program has never kept up with the changes in the american diet until now today the department of agriculture announced an update to the thrifty food plan which starting in october will permanently increase benefits an average of twenty five percent for forty two million people an average.

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