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Mellow mellow looks at that roster the second best go. I mean really he and he is. I mean he's not as far as what they need. Done cares revert fits them better spencer sudan we core maybe joe harris but you think mellows looking at joe hairs and ain't going to willingly sit on the bench behind joe harris when ayers is out there playing so so and brooklyn fifth in the league three point attempts last year. I'm not sure mellow fister staff. Are let's move onto some college football number one clemson molly wop georgia tech last. It's my fifty. Two fourteen eisman hopeful trevor lawrence finished thirteen of twenty three just one hundred sixty eight yards one touchdown to interceptions that ain't great says nick right running back travis finished with two hundred five yards three touchdowns on twelve carries that is great great neck. Would you take away from this game just real quick. I'm going to start making really out of nowhere seinfeld references and talking about my workout routine. If you try try to steal from me molly man that ain't great reminded who collars and you use them both in this correct what i made of this is listen. You can't win the heisman trophy in week one but you can put yourself in a hole for it and we on. I think there's going to be a lot of people that that are looking for a reason to vote for two because to look like had it wrapped up last year and they didn't get it. Trevor lawrence was going to be stiffest competition. Maybe still will be but this is a bad stat line against a power five team four trevor lawrence. Maybe the clemson is monstrous when lawrence complain that game and they crush or dare i say molly molly walked back the way they did. I'm with you. I was stunned by lords. I mean he wasn't horrible but he was pedestrian. You know and look as much as they want to. Devalue the running back today and there is nothing better than most exciting play in the game is a long touchdown run by a running battle n._t._n. Was fantastic. He's number one right now. He has put himself at the top of the highest been list right now. I'm like it so it's been having games now. Yeah no no problem is he not number eighty percents. No i love it l. much man dan. Let's talk about daniel jones. I say that to say he was a perfect four for four period point blank last night the giant surprising the first round pick this year surprise most with a solid preseason twenty nine to thirty four four hundred sixteen yards two touchdowns in his four preseason games not bad for a rookie nick. How long till jones takes over for ally here we go. I'm really mad right now. Listen daniel jones very good in the preseason and i wasn't here last week when it seemed like the entire sports talk nation decided they had to go on some daniel jones apology. Tour folks have some take integrity. Wait until tilly kennedy plays six regular season games is that of six preseason drives my stance on this has been the same. I think the giants play new england week six wchs on thursday night. They didn't have ten days before they play arizona. I think that's when daniel jones takes over alike and hold them off a little bit longer. If the giants opened the season with with an upset win over the zeke elliott lists dallas cowboys yeah look. I'm with you on jones. He obviously was fantastic but they're right now now. They're handling it correctly..

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