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Because I missed something when I was dealing in a major pile up. You will call me Levy on balance. I don't know a member of the audience was calling you McClay Veon. Out. Yeah. They thought you might have been holding out. And I said, no, I don't think so because we got you with the franchise tag for eight hundred thousand dollars. I I went to show up on Monday. Trust me make love and just sent me an article nearly imac Levin was involved in a Fender bender today and hit by garbage truck. Yeah. We don't we we've decided that we're not going to pursue this garbage industry in New York City. That's okay. They can do what they want. We have no problem with them as a show the article from the New York Post nearly every private garbage truck inspected by the New York police department during a week long crackdown had to be taken off the streets over dangerous. Infractions officials said that Wednesday all but ten of the one hundred forty two private clunkers inspected between October and November had to be taken out of service over menu malfunctioning brakes that was the cause of the accident today. Mclovin. Allegedly. Yeah. Yeah. Why wouldn't mclovin? Sika legal help on this one. Let's move on. And pretend this never happened. You know, New York City the Bronx. We're fine. We're good. This. The garbage industry is our friends, and they do a lot of good things. They do honest mistakes. As a matter of fact, I'm just like to issue an apology for mclovin mirror getting in the way that garbage. That's I apologize on behalf of him. And the Dan Patrick. Folks sweating in here. Is it hot in here because it's just all TV shows that doesn't really exist right up. Yeah. Yeah. Just ask my my family. There is no, mafia. There is no organized crime. There's no disorganized crime either. Yes. Mclovin. I always, you know, New York City is very nice now like where we go hang out of Manhattan. I it is still a wild place. But I think a you back in sunset park in the eighties. Oh my God. There's still an element of just chaos in New York City people I lived in sunset park and believe me the name sunset park. It was you might have this idyllic setting of all sunset park. You got your arm around your girlfriend or your wife, and you're watching the sunset now. What anything like that? It's you didn't want to be on the streets when the sun set because then all of a sudden there was gunfire. My my wife's mother would sir. She would send articles about sunset park, and she would circle like who died, you know, like gun show. We were we lived on the park right across the street from sunset park. And during the day. It was great. But at night, you would hear gunfire. And it was it was always in transition. I always loved that. So this is in the mid eighties. It's still transitioning. But you know, maybe one day it's gonna be great. Because it feels like, you know, everybody is gentrifying but sunset park transitional neighborhood. Of course, it is. And you would get my wife would open up the letter, and it'd be her mom shit three articles that just had sunset park, and then there'd be shootings there. Yeah. Yeah. Fritzy? But I survived mean streak does sound like it'd be quite a romantic place to hang out as the sun is said, no. And I remember playing fast pitch softball there. And big sport playground sport fast pitch softball, and I got I got taken to the cleaners man. Because I thought what you know. I've played hardball fastpitch. I'm good softball bigger ball. I I can do this who with and my brother-in-law goes I thought you were good I go. I thought I was good to they batted me. Three batted me. Third in the lineup. And I was horrible. Is that ball was like on me? And like an struck out a couple I had a little dribbler there. I thought. Yeah. Got a piece of that one. Yeah. There's more where that came from. Sneaking some fastballs bound either. I we'll take a break. More phone calls coming up..

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