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Got fifteen gallons of that stuff fifteen gallons of who will get our however much you want i i normally just go with cooler not like half the size of a regular beer cooler and i'll feel that up full and then that's normally good for the new that takes long to net that just teen minutes sometimes okay so it could be like hot and heavy oh yeah like talk about brian and bait for minute so i like to brian bait for a few reasons one as it helps to firm it up you'll can be soft so it's a basic component in in a brine salt that helps to draw moisture out of the out of the meat and firm it up and then i also like to add various sense and dies and mainly because i just don't have that much i don't get the fish all that often and there's time commander commander well relatively like relative to how much you wish you fish so when i go out yeah i got you but you're not a half asser nope and if there's any there's any little thing that might help help you catch a couple more on a given day i like to try it so using salt the firm thing up and then you can buy commercially produced bait and hands mints yeah you can buy commercially produced brines that are already have a die in them or you can make there's different recipes with adding different things into your brian to do the firmness and then you can make your own brian with your own materials which usually like salt and powdered milk.

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