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World things are becoming desperate join compassion international to provide for a family of poverty make your one time forty dollar gift text hope to eight three three nine three Steve foster newsradio WFLA expect periods of heavy downpours as we go through our Saturday there will be some dry time embedded within it but certainly those rainfall totals adding up once again on Saturday don't expect much sunshine either day this weekend today high temperatures topping out near eighty three Sunday maybe a little bit dryer out there a high near eighty five but drier air finally starts to make its way in by the middle and end of next week on the water today those bay and inland waters choppy and east winds at about twenty knots a new channel eight meteorologist Amanda Holly news radio WFLA now streaming on your Amazon echo and over two thousand devices via the I heart radio at the following is a commercial program paid for by heat wave C. P. L. L. C. the opinions viewpoints and promises made during the following program are not those of W. F. L. eight AM its staff management our parent company iHeartMedia incorporated welcome to the heatwave air experts radio show with your host Pat Donovan industry expert Dan Billingsley president and CEO of heat wave heating and cooling get ready to hear proven tips on how to keep your air conditioning efficiency and keep your energy bills low now here's Pat Donovan good afternoon what made you listening to the air experts radio show I'm Pat Donovan I'm joined by Dan Billingsley Dan is the president of heatwave heating cooling and plumbing and listen your air conditioning or heating system it's important anywhere you live but nowhere more important in right here in Florida because I give my car go wrong I don't care about that I can have stuff in my life break I'll get it fixed you know what I can't have break my air conditioning system and that's why I know.

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