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And so in the early I want to say it was maybe by the summer of two thousand fourteen I knew Giancarlo at a loose acquaintanceship with him. He's a he's over a bit finance, and I approach miss it. Listen, I like to talk about getting darkwa listed on your platform and keep in mind. This is before I ever knew anybody on the Dr coin team my natural. Instinct was like how do you make this like more opted get more exposure like really advance it? Our approach wasn't by Kayla. Just put in money and let everybody else do the work. I was like let's see what we can do with it. Right. I think if you look kind of my career encrypted that sort of ended up sort of being my approach, but so we gotta listed on Phoenix. And then after that approached Evan Duffield accord developer, Dr coin on bitcoin, talk and disaster like can help you out like a want to figure out how to make this thing. You know, get get it to grow bigger. Get more adoption, you know, hopefully, go up in value in Evan. Evan. Responded to end, you know, we need developers United Anita. Lot developer talent to really build out a dark wind into this to build up the infrastructure and build up this ecosystem the way it needs to be. And so that's how we started up the foundation. I I recommend it started profound Dacian, you know, there's the bitcoin foundation. They get a lot of money through donations. Let's see if we can do the same thing with Dr coin. So we started out the dark wine foundation that's become a founding board member, and unfortunately donations didn't really come in like we'd hoped. So we came up with other solutions later on like how to build out the infrastructure, but a long story short. That's how I came to be involved in Dr coin in the early days right on right on. So you're investing in cryptocurrency. You have bitcoin. We know you have some Dr coin converted to dash really good move. Reagan move and some other all coins coming over here. And then I I assume what happened is you probably hadn't had to find a way to track. All of these investments, you made your probably use an excel sheet in these it has to be an easier way. I know this is assuming. So let me let me tell you a little bit like about the landscape back, then because all these especially I think this probably be pretty interesting for the new guys that are out now back then that made there was probably maybe between one hundred fifty to two hundred cryptocurrencies or blockchain based assets around that time, right? And they just started kind of arrived in two thousand fourteen I would even say maybe in two thousand thirteen hundred. But the thing about it was that all the portfolio tracking ups in two thousand fourteen were will all of that except for maybe like two or three. They're all bitcoin only like you just go check bitcoin prices. You.

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