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In the match and for i guess we reveal the results. Let me ask matt i. What did you think of the story. The rise of index. The next i. I didn't even occur to me really truly take in the index thing until it's being realized but you know what indie. She's a free dexter. He's a free we have two weeks of. Wwe together here. And i'm not mad about it because they've kind of been building this up for the last three four maybe more months and it started out like a dexter. Who's totally like a dexter next. Get dexter loomis. Who's the decks. I don't know what the other dexter where you did out there. Oh actually allowed the murderer ruin the cop murderers right right right. Yeah dexter dan marie okay. Yeah yeah that one. No one cares does last name anyway. That's the vibes that we get from. Dexter loomis so i like that. They're able to be together and freak with each other at the same time this. I'm sad that we're not going to get the nice family. Portrait altogether off like loving on actually was. That'd be a little too freaky. I don't want the one couple is our job is a canvas candidates and johnny are all. Yes there. Mary blake and they're part of like Like with with dexter with them at one point no day they actually had another guy named austin theory who has their faction and dexter kidnapped austin theory at one point like begs launch. Dexter lewis has actually been like like antagonizing. Johnny and austin for for months. Now they've been on and off like rivals and stuff. So dexter has never been in the group but as he's been antagonizing johnny. Indy has just like kind of an effectuation with him. He clearly has an infatuation with her From the you know. The story of them They they were always like. It's very romeo and juliet like star-crossed lover type deal so i was actually hoping when we got this match. I was like okay all right. So if dexter wins in like matt says we get the creepy family portrait. I really wanted to see like the way. And then who joined the dexter date. He actually does those things. Yeah this is the thing he yes the real thing he does. Is it actually hannity actually. Oh yeah the time. I don't know but they've been using it in his in his in this story for months now i just didn't even realize they. He actually drew those. Yep it's kind of like character caricature. Yeah his careers. Well hopefully hopefully. He doesn't future endeavored. But oh we didn't get like so. This is my issue and trust me. I love a good love story. I'm all about the relationships in the storylines and the like drama. And who's in with who..

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