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Hear here's full talk to Ted dot com. On the show today ideas about growth and consumption, and how we can rethink both to create a more circular system. Even when it comes to what we're wearing. Can you can you describe your style? Like like what what might you wear on a typical day. Well, I don't like to go out the door unless I can look in the mirror, and it makes me chuckle just a little bit. This is Jesse Arrington. She's a graphic designer so something unexpected like pattern clashing is one thing. I like to do. So maybe I'll put a stripe with a plaid or, you know, a floral with a polka-dot or something like that. That's always fun. And then I think that color has a big impact on not only how you're feeling, but how people respond to you. So like as a way to stand out. It's really fun to where really bright colors. I hope that my epitaph one day as she was not afraid of color. So tell me about your your clothes shopping habits like where do you get your stuff? Well, you know, I like to go to a lot of thrift stores secondhand stores or clothing resale shops, those are really the primary places where I find things to you're not going to like fast fashion stores. Now, I mean, I haven't set foot in one of those in a very long time. And really I'd say about ninety percent of my wardrobe. I it's strictly in some former fashion secondhand has been worn by somebody else are owned by somebody else before it came to my closet. Just he took this idea to the extreme when she went to a weeklong Ted conference in nothing in her suitcase, except for seven pairs of underwear. Jesse Jackson picks up her story from the Ted stage. Exactly one week's worth of unease is all I put in my suitcase. I was betting that I'd be able to find everything else I could possibly want to wear once. I got here to Palm Springs, and since you don't know me as the woman walking around Ted in her underwear. That means I found a few things, and I really loved his show. You my week's worth of outfits right now. Does that sound?.

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