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But that's absolutely true. Like you put in the work. You do the homework United. Everybody likes to be recognized. Sandwich themselves competent, you'd like to talk about them. Cells but ended to not it's not sucking up. Like, there's a natural to do this. Yeah. Of all of you. You know, we are often in for shows for staffing on shows. And you've all staffed on shows that maybe you're not so interested in how those meetings go. Rens? Well, I mean, you know, I I don't think I've ever really interview for show. I didn't want to be on because I always needed to work. But I always I mean, so yeah. But I do think I do think it's kind of small town in the sense that a lot of people know other people, and I think if you give a very if you throw the interview just because you feel like you're not into the show. I think that people will talk that show him. We'll be like Jack. It'll be like, hey, who you meeting with again that Ray guy? You know what I'm out with him. And he wasn't. Yeah. No, I didn't really like him. I mean that can so you don't ever want to like not be interested that make sense? I mean, I think you always want to give your hundred ten percents every interview on your heart. Maybe you keep it to yourself. And then you pick another job when you. Ever want to right in my radio. You can always make something work. If you don't if you don't love it. You'll grow to love it or I mean, that's the job right now. Your job, you're not gonna love every show, you get possible thing respond to and maybe it's the people, and maybe it's the show. I would way more work than show that I didn't like with great people. People in both of those experiences. I have had the gamut of all then. And I wait rather be on the other one. Something I think you can find me to love on any. Yeah. Just like a character. Just like a thing at the very least you're like. Okay. Well, I get free lunch. Thanks. I could make this better. This something I like. That's the way I've always approached like, I'm just going to write the hell out of this really good make some jokes that I wanna I wanna put man they get through. Are you all finding the when you work on other people's shows? Are you finding the opportunity to tell stories that are meaningful or personal to you? I yeah, I I feel like I've been able to like I've been able to pitch things that were sort of close to me and seeing kind of develop that sorry think of cold, and I feel kind of lucky that I've been able to and usually I try to find things that obviously are working within the framework of the show. And usually it's like, oh, I like we're trying to figure this thing out. I have experience it's something like this. What do you think about that this or that? And sometimes that'll world you give me an example do anything from the past couple years. Let's see I think the first thing I can think of is actually I was a writers assistant on here. Now, Allen falls recent show, and I was very much like not trying to be the kind of. System this trying to pitch and so on, but I had an idea for something. I told one of the other writers and she was like oh. And then she asked the room like is it? Okay. If pitches this and so they're trying to figure out one of the characters in all all the adult children are adopted. And I was like what if this the buck one is from Liberia, which is where my mom's from them because we're trying to find a foreign country in another writer is like it'd be nice sort of have the sort of history of American black people, and I'm like Liberia does both in. So I prepared a whole pitch in like I came in and pitched it, and they're like, this might work..

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