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I uh i definitely recommend that as editor plug as well that's cool so a final collection for we call it a upset yeah so if you've been listening and you're interested in what i've been talking about this kind of intersection between design and engineering the best thing i have for you is i've got a list but it's kind of a secret list you won't find it advertised on my website but what i do have is i have a free email course where what i do like these two big wins i talked about using the front code and so if that sounded compelling to you or created the coded style guide you can learn how to do that at design systems crash course dot com but more importantly after you're done with the course you'll get on this kind of internal insider circle list that i've got in i sent emails out daily and i talk about this stuff all the time like how to use grunting goal in like how to build code how to work with sas like how to make sure colors are consistent and so if if you've got a kind of like design twinkle in your eye are in the back of your head like it might be something you might wanna check out design systems crashcourse icom but i also have something else because i know this is a python show and i wouldn't wanna leave emptyhanded i did a lot of searching on zor foundation a python and i thought wow this sucks there's a lot of confusion and people trying to integrate frameworks in in not knowing what to do and there's some packages that have gone steal so i'm putting together resource for using frameworks with python and so i'm gonna talk about the major ones bootstrap foundation and you i kit in so if you're interested in is three and you haven't been using them in your current projects i'm going to put together a resource there for you so you can get started with it very quickly all right yep linked to both of those in the show notes so people can check them out daves it's been great to have you on the show and really enjoyed this design focus conversation yeah thank you thanks for having me you bet see letter.

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