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Just one gate the done thought about teen down to nothing it NBA best of seven series advance, the bucks out everything in game one on Sunday center brook Lopez though knows it's so secret as to what they're going to have to do tonight in game two. We could have done better better. Just a maybe move more more offensively. We'll stagnant just roll energy and competitive level at times. I don't think it's been where it was the majority of the season Gog brogden has been ruled out for tonight but could play as early as Friday night's game three. Doug, Russell WTMJ. Sports bucks off begins at six o'clock tonight the game just after seven later tonight. The Golden State Warriors series lead over the Houston Rockets with a win in the bay area. And the brewers look to make it to a row over Colorado tonight. You Lisa seen the mount for Milwaukee. Two and three with a six thirty five year. Eighty the season council, the sliders working but fastball not so much the fastball is still critical, and he's got to be able to put that pitch where he wants it. And he's he's struggled kind of command wise and location wise with that pitch resent her tonight's game with a record of sixteen and fourteen you could hear coverage. Tonight's game on ninety four five ESPN FM. First pitch set for six forty. Thank you very much, Greg. Peter Fagin bucks. President with us live in the mobile studio up next on WTMJ's. We'll get you ready for game two, no radio. No problem with you. Wherever you go..

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