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Venture pierre osho who died in may jimmy kimmel the moral arbiter because that went viral jimmy kimmel responded to me directly on one of the sunday shows i'm not saying jimmy kimmel appointed himself moral arbiter if that he sort of did on his show mcelhinny appointed immoral arbor he happy to accept that and happy to revel in it until the point where i call them out to which point he immediately address if you kimmel he will really wants to debate these issues and have an honest conversation about them i am more than happy come on his show unhappy have monica ben shapiro show on apple podcast and goo goo play westwood one presents the michael mols sure we will have this idea of operations were high worth individuals are going in their back jordan burying money it's in the economy it's creating capital in its spurring growth don't ask the left to give you too me points on economics all they do is they buy that pickety book you a new communist manifesto capital and they don't read it as put it on their of shelton virtue signal the michael mols show at apple podcast goo goo play jason stapleton show the media is very quick to come out and make really inaccurate judgments about what they see with little to no information because it is in their best interest to try and keep you tuned in that means speculation most of the time they've all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork every time there's a new announcement to every time that they have airtime they've got a phil what they do is they fill it with experts all these panelists the come on in most of the time they're just making stuff up the jason stapleton show at atl podcasts and goo play okay forced animals kids are coming the forest and it's up to us to make their visit a good one sparrow have you practice the most popular bird songs for the year catchy i like it river how's the temperature were refreshing fifty two degrees man i love it turtle is not here yet mayor he's late every morning okay squirrel.

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