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That screen. He is faster than Chris Paul and he is getting the past received. 1 18 left in the half. Cincinnati up by double digits. 32 to 22 Jeremiah Williams gets a kick from Mormon Cincinnati Switches cross Court Pass Cock By Damian Dunn Drives baseline double team jumps passes into the corner. Three point shot. Airball rebounded by Temple Jeremiah Williams of the reverse layup and he scores but the cats of scrapping their small right now, so they're going to concede some offensive rebounds. But the fact that they're out there hustling and competing. It's enough that Coach Brandon likes what he sees You gonna call a time out here. Calls a 32nd time out and pulls out the white easel board to drop a play 53 seconds left in the half 25 seconds on the shot clock for you See? If you shoot quickly could have the opportunity for two possessions. Toe one. Or you could burn some clock and make sure that Apple only has one possession and a half if you could get a shot within 10 to 13 seconds Leave them with 40 or so That means that you'll have a least 8 to 10 seconds left after the shot if they use up all the time on their American They can run this gets and quick interaction and maybe a slip screen on the ball screen. But I like the fact that I want to see David Lee Julius come off a high post screen collapse the defense kick it out for a wide open three. Zack Harvey, Cincinnati's leading scorer. This far eight points in 12 minutes. Jeremiah Williams has nine to lead temple. That's more than the average is per game. Julius passes for D are outside the arc. Right, Mama do into the corner for Davenport, 15 left to shoot Davenport driving baseline reaching foul called Tommy and done. Before a Tomahawk stuff that won't count for Jeremiah Davenport. There's nothing better than dead ball dunks. You know, you could talk a little trash. We got a dead ball duck. Then you ever done that before? Only a perimeter lower to about 8. Ft. Man. I'll tell you money so bad. I couldn't talk. Don't know milk without getting a stretch stretch in here. 43 seconds left in the half. 20 put on the shot clock after that foul Davenport 43 missed it from the corner Didn't have to take that shot. You two for one deal there. Temple has the ball 33 seconds left in the half and a nine second difference between the clocks very guarded tightly on the perimeter. By Harvey Jape Mormon gives up his dribble bounces it for Jeremiah Williams into the corner for Perry, something travel under in the air. Oh, my brothers into the lane and scores. James Harden wouldn't start rolling his hands like travel That was crazy. 10 seconds left in the half. Cincinnati's leaders six bear cats will play for the final shot. Six seconds to go, Julius outside the arc, left hesitation. Dribble now driving on Mormon running bank shot No good and temple fires up, but 90 ft shot. It's no good. Cincinnati will head to the locker room with a six point lead. I think we got some covert officials. I mean, these are the people that didn't make the trip. They just sort of close enough to get out here. I haven't seen these officials before. I.

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