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Dot com use the code BSG America's number one sports book for 25 years, head over there right now and subscribe. Thanks a lot Greg. All right, let's bring in Sharon blakeley talk some hoops, Celtics playing second of a back to back tonight in Charlotte. We'll talk about that in a little bit. They beat Houston on Sunday. They're supposed to beat Houston, which is great. They're supposed to have beaten Toronto, but they didn't. So again, a win is a win. The first of he made jokes, coaching career. Don't want to spend a ton of time on it, but just quick thoughts on that game again. Good to get that win. One thing that stood up to me actually was, how happy they were for email? Which was a really good sign because after those couple of games, particularly when they laid an egg and showed no effort in game two, you start to wonder like, wow, you can't quit on your coach this early. So seeing how kind of happy they were for email and what a big deal they made out of his first win. I thought was a good sign. Yeah, it was a good sign. For them, it was a good sign in part because a lot of the things that email has been talking about, they were actually able to do and execute and execute for longer stretches against Houston, which as you pointed out, they're not a very good team. So you were supposed to play this way against teams that are very good. But there's still a lot of work to be done. And you may know that they know that. It was funny after the game or emit comment to them when they congrats them for the win. He said, well, you know, took your life long enough. You know, subtle, but very clear indication that guys, we still have work to do. You have to keep getting better. This is just the beginning. Hopefully for them this will be the beginning of many more wins for him this year..

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