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Just take her straight to that room. You are all man, son. Close the door. Daddy's fixed to fill valve and now it's reward time. I mean, what's that sound? Don't you worry about Dad. What's that say? Oh, yeah, the one time he's not totally engrossed in a video. Exactly. He wants his switch. He wants his Amazon. We control it. He wants his Switch is Amazon fire stick and his tablet like wants All these things are like once and you'll go into his room and I'll have the TV arm and he watches these These, um, voice memes. It's like it's like a British voiceover guy. And it's just these memes that pop up on YouTube went after the other after the other compilation, and and it's red in this voice. Man goes to the store, and he says that it's like it's all these memes read aloud in this Computerized British voice. He's got that on. He's playing his switch. And then he's on his tablet face timing one of his friends at the same time, so so we have childhood is so much different than my child. Oh, my God! You know it wasn't honestly It wasn't that long ago like maybe eight years, although, and now that's a long time For what? I'm talk. I'll say my daughter's became multi screen people. It was when they first came up with the term when someone was to screening or multi screening and it was when they would always have their phones with them while we were watching a show. Like, what is it about? You can't like, just watch the show, And now everybody has their phone next to them while they watch the show and or are looking at the phone while the show is running, so you're to everybody to screens who three screens or four screens right? That's not with their bet. That was not that long ago. The two screens was really like A lot of people kind of disturbing that you couldn't pay attention. The one I remember that, because, um, like you said, not too long ago. But when I was with my ex and we'd go to the movie theater, and I would have, and this was I had my sidekick. I was physically addicted to my sidekick. And I would not. He would keep you, like, turn it off completely, like just shut it off, And I'm like, Well, let me just live on silent and then let's just keep it here like it was, like a little comfort, blanket type of thing or whatever, but I would be all my power to not at some point, pick it up and just look like a lot. Yeah, Yeah. I mean, is that the one that slid like it looks like a rail a phone. Then it slid up and how to keyboard underneath. That is the one I'm thinking. Yeah. You love that sidekick. Technology is not going to get any better than this. I know, right? That's what we thought. That's we thought with blackberries to write Stupid little, but Usually your thumb would hit to it. I mean, it was just Library was the thing that was that That was the one that was kind of like a little like, almost like an oval, and then it had the keyboard. Uh, it was attacked on the screen. Yeah, it was. And it was all exposed, right? There was a bigger screen. Yeah, I remember, though. I didn't ever have one of those. I think serious people have those Like adults like, you know, like, uh, non side kickers, right? Well, recent. You know Brad's experience with the YouTube. I I just had a YouTube thing happened. That actually saved me from, uh, Like from Like I was going to call. It was actually a plumber situation right away. It was like my oil burner. There was there's nothing on the walls Electric, and it's going just in their flashing and taking the whole time. Just like what is this? I don't understand. I started looking it up on YouTube like I do. How do you look up thing on the wall is going back. And, uh, I don't know. How do I look that up? I don't know what to call it. So, uh, I figured, all right. It's got to be electrical. Uh, I'm looking where it's going to on a burner and what's next to it? I'm like, all right. It's uh so I was put in like oil burner transports oil valve, electric pain. Weird sub burner sounds, even though it's not the burners next to it, whatever I eventually found it. And, uh, it kept me from getting the plumber right away. But it's still something I couldn't do. But like it gives you this knowledge where you don't have to call up and say this thing is making a sound And should you and then they come over 120 bucks to visit and then they're like, Oh, this is nothing. All you do is flip it off and restarted like that would be the worst. So I want to avoid the so YouTube saved that I find out It's called, like a relay or something. And it's whenever, like, you want hot water, or you want to turn on heat or whatever it sends, like a message to this thing that starts up the oil burner. Oh, I learned this from YouTube and I said, Well, I can't fix this. So now I know for sure I do want to pay the guy to come over to replace it fixed or whatever has to be done. And then I don't you know, because how many times in my life Have I had someone come over something And you feel stupid because then they say, Oh, it was just this. Why couldn't tell me that on the phone because it's 99 bucks or under 20 bucks to come over. That's how it works, and that's what YouTube can save you. That's why, Yeah, I can. But last way I like sometimes I'm grateful about the apartment life because I will literally call and I will sometimes be embarrassed. Like, Oh, that was it. And I don't like to have to rely on other people. I would like to do it myself At the same time, I do pay rent, and they have designated for that. So I know you. Yeah, Like I'm gonna I'm gonna use it. And that's all right, too. A lot. But I do feel like an idiot. I know exactly what you mean. You're like, Oh, I could have done that right now. But you got to know that you're not the only one ever and that they're used to this stuff. Where And everybody just has no idea. That's why they're professionals at it. And we do. What do we know? You know, kind of out of our depth so well, congratulations to breath. Thank you. Very, very proud of you for fixing the toilet. Serve you. You need any plumbing or whatever done, you know, Uh oh, You know, if they got time, I got a list of people that.

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