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And it's usually with ten degrees cooler up there that's perfect for for being there this weekend boehner fight the final round all right here they are the two candidates that came out victorious today the winner from round one in the seven o'clock hour was critter just wants to finish his bruschi so guy in west valley his name is chris ritter crater critter that's what they call me he was driving erratically police tried to get him to stop he wouldn't he finally ended up running stop signs ramming a police car and when they tried to pull him out of the car he clung to the steering wheel tight tight tight and chugged a beer boehner candidate number one critters suisse villages bruschi voter candidate number two i believe i've been sold the wrong narcotic this is the man who called the police and said i had a bad reaction to this method was sold i think it's the wrong narcotic i don't think it's method all something else could i bring it down to the police station and will you tested for me and if it turns out to be bad or wrong i'm going to sue the dealer and the police said why certainly sir lease come down to the police station with my man with your math and he did that's boehner candidate number two all right you've got to decide which one of these two candidates is the worst which one deserves to be boehner of the day this is boehner fights candidate one or two remember the candidate number you think should win but that number in the message of a text text.

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