Aaron Boone, American League, Mike I discussed on Steve Somers Show


The fans mike francesa coming several our south from boston university well wasn't that hard a decision myself it would it be anything cool and they wanted to stanley cup of new york no they won't go to the new york rangers and the only way to do that is actually coached the new york rangers so that was part of my decision making process for sure hand quinn says he wants those blue shirts to play fast and physical elsewhere closer jerry's familiar just one of those days mets now looking overcome last night's crushing blown saint against the marlins they visit first place milwaukee a bit later brewers winning three straight fifteen of their last twenty one stephen manson one in three against davies two and three just off the deal with a rotator cuff injury well seem saturday's the day aaron boone telling mike francesa that as expected greg bird should be activated on saturday after being sidelined all season after ankle surgery in with that thirty one and fifteen record boone also telling mike i think our biggest strength is is the length of our lineup in those guys ability to really make pitchers work really hard for everything they get against us but on sunday the angels pulling flame throwing shohei otani from his scheduled start in the bronx trying to manage his two way workload severino seventy one pitching for the yanks in tomorrow series opener american league top three astros in indians no score charlie morton trying to go to seven and no for the stroz angels beat the blue jays eight one mike trout hitting his fifteenth orioles and nine three win over the white sox dylan bundy a complete game with fourteen as the afford to win over the.

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