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Hello the Internet and welcome to this very special episode of. Come on down to the GEIS's right. Courtesy of Johnny Davis. This is the second time doing this intro because I forgot to tip free courts I can't believe that's the first time I've done that because I'm a very forgetful dumb human. I'm Jackie O'Brien has miles gray miles. How're you this fine Thursday? Oh I've never been better Jack. Things are sunny in the San Fernando Valley right now. We are approaching ninety one degrees Fahrenheit. Wow it has me actually really messed up emotionally because I would love to go outside and enjoying with anyone. Yes yeah I feel you? Let's tell the people what's trending get their mind off of the world beckoning outside their window. Yeah I see pe- that what I think it be yes Ut's your child for wedding. Their pants I see That's a good joke though. It says for Ablest rap group Insane Clown Posse They are basically out here making a lot of waves For saying that. Hey look they were knocking the gathering Gigolos. Okay but we're also now. We are going to use some of our merchandise to help make some protective masks as well but they said first of all though we cannot put the Gigolos at risk and shot up to them. You know doing a lot to protect their own people than actually some governors are so in a way but I guess whitmer might be the governor of Michigan but so might Shaggy and whatever. The other one's name is more like the impressive. Clown posse. 'cause I'm impressed. Wow No one. Who's a shaggy violent j? I shouldn't give it to violent. J J yeah and Shaggy chewed up. So Yeah Yeah Yeah. I mean. It's a big big moment. I'm sure everybody who has a as a fan of everything. They're finding their annual. You know big temple event being cancelled unless it happened like up in like February January but yeah like kamikazes done gathering of the Gigolos is a wrapped. No coachella I mean. When are we going to stop being surprised or even announcing when something more than that? Jack when are we going to stop? You know these experts from killing the economy really. Yeah trend I'm referring to a lot of fatal and that's not going to be sold at that gathering that is not going to do much for Michigan's economy. I can tell you that much. I've always had a soft spot for the jug lows. Just because they were definitely the target of like one of those Middle America Like straight mainstream culture panics. Where anybody who committed a crime and listened to the insane clown posse like was seen as they were like see. They're a gang they're violent gang was kind of like a soft satanic panic. I mean the lyrics were pretty darkens. The lyrics were. Oh yeah I mean like there's like I said I don't I don't believe insane clown posse to be a satanic cult but if you're just in the same way when gangster rap was coming out people just took what the words were and we're like how could someone even say that as a song like how are they talking about as a song like when you talk about like stealing the souls of kids at the. The Wild Carnival of these people are like. Oh my goodness there. So that's part of the fun right. They also jugglers star in one of my favorite workaholics episodes so Let's Talk About Elizabeth Warren Shoutout to her and her family. She lost her older brother. Cove in nineteen This morning the man just like it was this morning. Yeah just a statement on it. I mean again know this this illness. This virus knows no bounds. No boundaries as it can get anybody from the highest to the lowest to the relatives of presidential candidates when there was just this part that she had written in her statement or that was part of her statement. Just saying how she just really. Was You know obviously there? There wasn't much that can be done but she felt really terrible that no family could be around her brother before he passed away to like you know at least like hold his hand or say that that he was loved and like. I mean anybody who's lost anyone you know like if you're fortunate enough to be able to say goodbyes. And things like that. How important or how that can be part of your healing process and just to even comfort the person who is going through a something like this but that was really that was that was tough to read head. They tried one of President. Trump's economic advisers idea of Putting everybody in spacesuits more space outfits as he called them. Who said that Stephen Moore Stephen Moore member of trump's economic task force spoke to The New York Times and Said he's been advising the president about how we have to really get things that opened May I too late But maybe the way to do it is to put people in space suits or space outfits seriously He's does he work for big space suit or big space outfit. I'm sure I mean think about all the money you make off of this bid he's like honey put all in space outfits. What companies are just fucking space outfits? So what is that just doing? The Shit space people where? Let's talk about Elijah Wood for some reason. Yeah I again in this age especially now like we've already as we from the beginnings of this trend show whenever we see a name or anyone season name. We go could miss what happened. What tragedies befalling this trending person But it seems OK. Allies would is fine but he apparently made a big splash because Jack. I'm sure you saw this 'cause you're on your Nintendo switch playing animals bossing everyone else. This dude pulled up and he was just he was selling turnips. Doing what? I'M GOING TO TURN UP. Just doing his old thing on animal crossing and that. Hey I like to turn up on animal crossing on my switch.

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