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Understanding CBD am Steven Wallman. I am accessible and we're here live to you today in the studio. If you're just tuning in, you can call and Ask those questions participate if you like it for 109226680. Today, we're talking about cannabis as a treatment. Um, and to enrich this discussion, Max, we have a fantastic guest with us today that we do. We're very excited. We have special guests. Today. Her she's a speaker Academies policy expert and the founder and CEO of two businesses. Cannabis, MD. And T pad. Jackie Cohen Roth. Welcome to our show. How are you? I'm super. I'm so excited to join you on Sunday. Thanks for having me. Awesome, Jackie. So happy for you to be here too. We're really honored to have you on the show today on guy really wanted to start out by giving you an opportunity. And just really so everyone can hear about cannabis, MD. And really, why you started this company that dad a good way to start That's a great way to start. Yeah, let's see. Going back to it was 2017 where I was taking a look at what was going on with the company that I had at the time. Oh Joe Media, which was a Healthcare, publishing, marketing and media firm that was focused on as I say, traditional health care. And, um, with the the impact of the affordable care act, um, on my business, where I had been working with all the the hospitals and health systems and the D M V region, I saw that I needed to give it to something else where the affordable care act of avid fan of but The sense it was going on with health care is that everybody was becoming siloed in my business model was shifting where they didn't need my services. So much for promoting that particular service lines of the hospital because again everybody's coming silo so Humanely worked internally to help the organizations and the different departments in the health care system communicate like a networking type connector. Not so much No. So I had let's see. One of the things that I was doing was publishing a magazine that had been launched as Maryland position. Your Practice Your life and City Center after launching has recognized that the need there wasn't a magazine, our resource in the region that was specific to positions and health care executives in the D C. Maryland Virginia region. We were focused on innovative diagnostics, clinical treatment, health care policy, healthcare information, They ideas. It's referred to help correct my technology, which was actually relatively new on the scene in the mid 2000 When I start to publish catch, Okay, Yes. So you're really just facilitating the education of the people that needed it in the organization's toe to keep up with what's going on. Right and so and then building marketing, helping and supporting the systems and hospitals in building physician education and creating a marketing strategies. For example, when, um Proton University real medical system, supporting them in their marketing initiatives and to reach out to positions in the region so that they would refer their patients are at Hopkins. Women's health things like that. Catcher. So you have a very specific set of skills that people need for communicating. And then you had to didn't make that transition. Cannabis. Yeah, well, see, I been following as they say, hurting myself. Policy geek. My undergraduate. Uh Degree is economic policy studies with a minor in international political economy, So I've always been paying attention to what's going on policy wise in particularly with cannabis as it Became legalized in California. In the mid 19 nineties and what was going on? And here was an attorney of treatment therapy for physicians to be aware of, and, uh you know, I thought it was very intriguing and cannabis. Some is in my Of age group. Most of us were saying most of us several of us were introduced to it in high school College on so was always very intriguing. What was going on with it and so moving forward while I was publishing my magazine against us speak position. Ah, um a couple of times a year, we would a published a an issues that included a look at alternative treatment therapies and recognizing that my audience our audience. Was very conservative. Uh, yet, yeah, they're patients. We're going to be asking about it. And recognizing this is the a big wave heading to the East Coast. So, yes, then and 2017. I'd made the decision to do a pivot where I had certainly done my my research. And and at that time I did not see a platform that was specific to position. That, um Would support their their education needs on understanding what cannabis Woz Medical, cannabis and the business of medical cannabis, etcetera, so Launch it late 2017 with a tweet. I was very strategic and branding. It is cannabis and D with my intention of supporting Maryland, the nation medical cannabis industry, But my long game always Focus on the business of medical cannabis. Hence that Andy Thank you, Jackie. If you're just joining us, you're you're listening to understanding CBD with Max and Stephen and our speaker is Jackie Cohen Rocks. She's a cannabis policy expert and the founder and CEO of a couple of businesses Cannabis, anti anti pad. On Jackie to follow up on that conversation. So you know it's a big deal to be educating physicians on alternative treatments. I mean, no doubt on do I have to assume that there's some challenges Would you mind opening our eyes to that? Yeah. Yeah, well, um, yeah, No, is that they, uh Medicine is in my you know, in my veins, so to speak with my father was a pathologist, um, really brilliant, intelligent man. But he was AH, Chief Medical Officer of Community Hospital built up some community hospital lab. On Ben. My sister is an orthopedic surgeon. I was premed up until I hit as happens to many organic chemistry. And at the same time I was taking a sub. So in international relations course, anyway, So that was that was the shift there. But, you know, they say that always As I was working and building my.

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