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Visit men had found a express. Train is grand I'm John Lynch. The year is two thousand twenty eighty and skylines. The symmetric focused actually not the first time that's ally. This isn't going to be an skylines tour as I recall this lunchtime on Friday two January. Sorry I've been back in the office day and a half after Christmas. It's already shaping up to be a pretty busy go lay leadership contest. Liberal Democrat leadership contest tests up teen merit elections this spring and looming threat of war with Iran. So possibly by the time you sit to them to listen to this movie too late human civilization. Anyway the upshot of all this is having a time to to record appropriate episode of Skylines We've got a couple in the pipeline. Renew a new series back on slightly which I go for walks around town with our candidates to be London now. I've already been out with the green candidate Sean Berry Various Liberal Democrats Reform Benita on trying to pin down the others. But we're holding. We're holding off on that until we've got further along with that series so so this week it's one of our occasional ah guest episodes in which we run something from another podcast by friends by friend of the podcast occasion. It's IT's Roy Brown. Who many many of you would have heard before? And who was founding producer. Who runs a number of podcast? That will be an interesting. I'm sure one of which is map corner which which which. We ran an episode from last summer. This is actually from a different series heated Commonwealth voices. Amd It's a story about how the city of Kingston Jamaica is fighting pollution Which is very very symmetric topic? This is an opportunity to kind of get to a part of the world. We don't talk about very very often. Amdo said to kind of give me give me a playoff so anyway the rest of this should just be hearing KOMO forces initiative check out the rest of the series and fully. Roy Sells whose at Roy unto. I'll be back in a week or two with some good old fashioned skylines sees him. The PODCAST is Roy. Fueled Brown production others. The coke is a podcast about citizens coming together to participate in democracy and insurance the institutions nations that sheep..

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