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Arms I. Yeah I'm not I'm not actually I'm not going to agree with the with the business news argument there. Because I'll tell you what there's this crazy easy community of people who were die hard and other die and they're not diehard they're dying let him finish you know you you can make that argument agreement. I think that if you look at what seems doing for example on air and then on digital I think that there's a core look to be great continents always what having a core audience and I think genuinely genuinely core audience if you go and talk to the CEOS of the fortune five hundred even the guys in the valley and elsewhere that they may not be watching it all live but they're watching the clips. They WANNA be on it. They WanNa talk to the audience of investors. There it's part of this ecosoc can't tell you when I'm doing squawk in the morning how. How many phone calls I get or emails during the show? Live from people on the West Coast. big-name CEO's who say. I can't believe you just said that. What's going on with this and correct that that's that's the different artists it is? It is sort of the business ta I mean when you think about business. News now format everybody it is in the backdrop. It's playing everywhere. It is the question to me is a little bit more like Espn long-term from from a table perspective will people are GonNa have to create like an ESPN plus like service. Do people then pay for that. How much did they pay for that? If you believe carriage fees are GONNA come down long-term turn how does that all work itself out that to me is a real question But I think that there still is this core group that I think loves loves it and we'll pay a lot for instagram with Andy on this one. Okay Right L. Win and Phil. He's right. Innovated Scott a winning fail and this is my own personal. Everyone's is just a winning fail week. We're talking about here. Give me the hitch you when we said. NFL persons marching. I don't food people know the Real Andrew. Ross Oh my God. I don't think they know the failed. Andrew the listen to him. Well okay so the the win. I didn't interview with Marcelo. Chlorine Koray I I real TV interviews done since All the crazy commotion and he said I thought it was a win because because I thought he opened up about the religion with Adam Newman and said that they actually don't talk that much anymore even though I think it's not what Adam Newman would like him to have. Instead of Adam. Newman desperately wants to cell phone. Marcella was at the scene of the crime the whole time so he wanted sort of like girly early and asking Travis Kalanick's you know. Now we are. They were there the hundred percent but I actually thought he was humble about it in terms of saying look we totally screwed this up up. Nine mistake we work at a billion. I'm sorry I interrupted. Would you invest in an eight billion valuation. It's tough it's how they have by the away close to fifteen billion in with with debt. So that's what I said to him. I said how do you get money. How you make a good He thinks that they're going to get there. It's it's GonNa be a rough road Big Loss for me was the squawk show which I love doing makes you go to sleep so early so I didn't get to watch the astor's last night. That's a parasite you're welcome parasite. Have you seen parasite no fail morning. Go Watch roundabout equality watching anyway Andrew. Thank you so much. This was totally. You made a lot of good content. Let me in in a very short of sort of only sort insightful. Ish Robison thank you thank you. You can buy standard okay. Scott his brilliant. I'm sorry you're GONNA have to go now. It's my turn I get to Andrew. Yes going thanks for the thanks okay So my my win is a motion picture or whatever we're calling me. I thought that they pulled off one of the great brand new so I think they've they've turned the corner if you will set the parasite was such a unique opportunity. And the semi fail as continued Shit Show Ask Clown Management of the Democratic National Committee and again emerged Misra guy running the Vision Fund deserves to be fired more than anyone in the world. Right now I I loved that out of thinking about Jeanine Rometty. You know when the chairman sits down and says we're a Ramadan Says we're we're making we're going into different direction as the lead directory sits down. I wonder if she said well. You know what the dog walking APP is on. Its way I mean that guy gets to keep his job. The head of Vision Fund gets anyways that person deserves just to be fired more than anyone in the world with the exception of his name Tom Perez the DNC. And I don't know if you saw I don't know if you saw Jim carvills rant. That guy's a fucking genius. He's he's a political. It's about political power. It's about power and our moral imperative southern Florida you. We know that it's not it's not to bring fuck and burn it. Why is Bernie Sanders on the? This is what Tom Perez. Or whoever actually has a pair who shows up after Tom Perez is justifiably escorted from whenever building the DNC occupies right now. We should have debates. They'd say okay. Are you a Democrat. And do you have any. Why the Hell is Andrew Yang on the debate stage? I like him. He's got great ideas so two guys so to the riders of the Colbert report today run for president event. You have better ideas and are much more qualified than Andrea. I love the guy you know who doesn't want him to be president. Anyone that worked with him. Why is Tom Star? A guy that made a billion and a half dollars pulling out of the ground is all of a sudden decided. He's an ECO warrior by is way onto the stage and then people can flayed him Bloomberg. Gloomy was governor of the seventh largest a state in the union called Manhattan. He absolutely deserves to be in. There is there are only three people to have any business being on that stage right now who everyone and finally is GonNa realize okay update and I flirted with some bad boys or some idiots in the nice guy. There are only three people the matter now only three. That have any chance of our moral imperative. Live of kicking the Weirdo out of the office. I is Bloomberg sack in his mayor. Pete who barely gets on the stage the mayor of a town where he got eighty nine hundred votes and the third and the person with the most momentum is Senator Klobuchar if they want to sponsor of British Labor Party debate more power to you burning go to that. He doesn't even as a Democrat. He's up fucking so people from the Tom Perez and the guy from Softbank fired okay. I want the DNC to figure out their job job is to get trump out of off right the DNC and soft bank's got. I'm going to have to take you down now. Something happened. Had I'M GONNA have to reach in eleven thirty texts tonight about this. Would I do chasing entities. Our it could be eleven. We're spanker it could be eleven thirty three. I don't know what I'm going to send it. But it's very sensitive fences a lot. It's coming it's going to be a car we're GONNA make ask you this. I'm serious don't you. Do you really think this shit show politically correct. Why do we have a democratic socialist onstage? He's got. Why do we self identity Donna Fide Socialists running for the Democratic America? That's why and that's the way it goes. There's a little that's very president's GonNa Donald Trump. I'm worried you're about to get Bernie road on twitter etc.. Just say Oh they're the only people meaner than them at the crypto and the Tesla weirdos burning people are very aggressive. Everybody is on that thing and we're just curious wish doing this week this week. All kinds of things I was supposed to go to California but now I'm not I am I am. I am working on lots of things. I've lots podcasts. I've got all kinds of interesting things And I won't be here in. DC just doing things A man's going back to work for the first time after maternity leave which I think parents parents in this country should have a year off. But they don't. How long did you have office? Three months. Some reinforcing and subtle but nice text messages. asu Thirty two nine nine eight by that phone seriously. And then we're GonNa make a movie called text and it'll be all about this relationship. I think it's been done. It's been done and I don't think we're that interesting. But anyways that makes her compelling view all right I I will say eleven thirty tonight I will send you a loving massage of attacks ax. Okay how about that crashing text. All right thank you so much for everyone As Scott would you please read the credits as we yeah. Rebecca synonymous is our producer. Erika Anderson is our executive producer special. Thanks to drew boroughs and Rebecca Castro off. Make sure you're subscribed to the show on Apple Apple podcasts. Or if you're an android user check us out on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to Ross sorkin again for coming on the show Andy we love you. If you like the show. Please recommend to a friend. Thanks for listening to pivot from Vox media. We'll be back late this week for another breakdown of all things tech and.

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