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Will have more special reports throughout the day locally a construction worker is killed in woburn crushed by a bolder this happened over at the construction site for the public library which is undergoing renovation in woburn the victim's name is being withheld over the next several weeks service stations that provide a mission inspections will be transitioning to a new program that will include cameras recording every step of the inspection process now wbz's lana jones tells us the upgrade is being made to prevent fraud there will be five cameras in each inspection bay that will be turned on when the inspection begins and turned off when it ends the images will be stored in the computer met the last year of the new england service station an auto repair association says consumers may find that inspections will take a bit longer but predicts that two years of planning and preparation will pay off i think what you get it a lot more protection for the infection patient out there that doing it right and i come up the bad after that are out there because they do week that to be able to how crew that some people were doing it wrong to remove them out of the industry land jones wbz newsradio 1030 i will have more on these changes lanna coming up at four fifty five and hoping the mechanics here this as well are wbz news time four thirty three traffic and weather together nicole davis with the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes sponsored by embark what's happening they're well we have busy traffic out there force lorry southbound on 495 or rather i should say.

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