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After actually act about dot media dot. Fm is what we used a stream. It's free but if you want the shows and all of the other nice You know sprinkles jerry's on top of all your ice cream you you just go. Aftermath dot medium sign up aftermath thought media at its aftermath. Tom medium so Ten years ago I've been at this down thirty years ten years ago. I was at a gathering of of People they probably call themselves. Conspiracy theorist back then conspiracy conventions they call it and you could go there and discuss pretty much anything like what you'd probably discuss on a college. Campus of college campuses weren't so damn politically correct now and I was a guest speaker I did a dinner. There spoke at dinner. But i also did. A guest appearances these conspiracy cons and ufo fast. And i still do as a contact. In the desert. This year did the virtual gathering spoke there but About ten years ago. I i was there to speak about the future because i i Like i say. I'm more of a futurist. Rather conspiracy theorist by get thrown into conspiracy theory groups. Because i think conspiracy theory fascinating because a lot of it. You know if you if you look at the theories a lot of it's based on fact some of it is in some pretty much conjecture a lot of its opinion but I spoke ten years ago. A group talked about the future of how our government would gradually implement a model of governance that would supplant the constitutional republic and its sovereignty for that of a world government. Now i know for years there have been conspiracy cranks of said that world government was coming coming. It's coming people say oh sure. Oh sure it's not it's not it's not but gradually we started to see the deterioration of our way of life. Nine eleven i think was the catalyst for bringing us the the catalyzing You know calamitous affair the new pearl harbor. They talked about the project for new american century. The freedoms the rights of americans. You know we know. Because many of us of the older generations know that the freedoms and rights of americans are unique in many ways as many other countries see themselves as independent and free to it is our uniqueness that makes us a destination for those who wished to unlock the chains and flee from their oppressive governments. This is always been the case here. In the united states and.

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