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Who would you have said before him? So you don't wanna try to answer best since Joe name his in there somewhere. You know, I, it's not even like I got to be honest. I don't know. Well enough. Like I, I remember I remember I don't remember Joe Namus as jets player, but I mean, I know Joe Nemeth was a football legend. I don't know how great Joe Nemeth was at Alabama off the top of my head. Well, in bear Bryant's offense. I don't think they look, nobody put up stats away quarterback stats now, like what? I, I don't know if Ken stabler was better. I don't know if Bart Starr was better. Like I just off top of my head. I don't know that. Violate any Davis with that question. And I'm gonna say we look up Jimmy. Okay. Wanna hear Joe Nemeth scholar stats. Sure. He played three years in he completed a fifty four point. Three percent of his passes for this is his three or total. Now two thousand seven hundred thirteen yards. Twenty four touchdowns and twenty interceptions yeah, here's the. Here's the problem with some of the stuff. It is so skewed. I'm gonna rattle off the top ten passing leaders of Alabama history. They're all almost all guy is you've been around in our in our careers. Yeah. I mean, I think the answer before it would be AJ McCarron right? It goes AJ McCarron John Parker Wilson Brody Crowell Andrews Zahle McElroy j. Barker Scott hunter who is before us, but I remember him a little bit. The NFL Jalen hurts Freddie kitchens and Walter Lewis, where I remember as. As a kid watching some I'm gonna make the this might get me on the hot take all fame, but the row don't do it. His career tour is already the best quarterback albums ever have. All right, fine. He's the best quarterback in the sport right now. Can we say. Have a better backs. He's the most talented quarterback that Alabama's the most talented border back obvious ins as well sounds a quarterback they've had since I've covered the sport. I don't wanna go pass. Never ninety is the most everyone quarter he is. He is, you know, headed on the track to be all Americans lashed Heisman candidate slash. So he's more talented than Joe Nemeth or Ken stabler. That's more talented guys. You studied up close. You spent hours studying in a dark room at three in the morning with a Cup of coffee in a pack of newports by just college players in general, are more physically gifted than they were in the nineteen sixties. I mean, let's let's be honest. I mean, does that mean he's like that Athlon list. We did about fifty greatest. Remember how hard it was to compare current guys, two guys. I'm sorry if this is the part where you tell me Eric Dungy's more talented than Jim Brown. We're gonna end this podcast right now that is such a strain. Where did you. Would that because we were talking Syracuse and you're just crapping all over guys from like the sixties and seventies and fifties. And yes, sometimes generational talents or generational talent. So you is a generational talent. By the way, this is coming from somebody who is not ready to buy into the hype after just the national championship game was one half. Let's see how he does after that. They guy you're the most incredible to us. That is right now. Let me load up. Chris means always excellent nineteen stats from the weekend. So I get this right, ready for this. Just about two on third downs. This season is thirteen thirteen for two hundred ninety eight yards and six touchdowns on third downs. Yes. I think I had that stat in my column last week..

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