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That allows allows us now to have a a handle on the system and actually invest in the teachers for example yesterday we also announced that we're going to give the first races to teachers said in over ten years in puerto rico that's precisely because we can rationalize the the expenditures in our system so i think it is uh it is urgent and i think that as part of the process of recovery it is important that we have a significant focus on getting better schools and getting more options to the parents and to the kids and let's talk about the teachers to since you mentioned them governor you've got a fifteen 100dollar race for teachers as part of your plan we have a a group of teachers and students from puerto rico they sent to some questions about the educational reforms knowing that we'd be speaking with you today and i wanted to play a question to you from he sousse on this very issue that you mentioned governor rosser miami's has whose less on thought leaf in puerto rico hold these educational reforms will improve the living conditions of teachers well we are establishing a clear career ladder which we really didn't have for teachers in the past so that means that the teachers will be incentivized to either keep on studying working get raises for their evaluation and have a path to progress this really wasn't clear you know in the in the past couple of years old foe in my view there are more opportunities for teachers of course there is the the other side of the equation which is accountability there's going to be accountability we're going to be making sure that teachers principles have accountability and show results because failures just not an option here in puerto rico and governor we got another question from want you use to cordeiro a professor of history who wants to ask about the education department a little governors who assume in an interview on sunday were drako secretary of education don't or who got killer has said that when she arrived at the department all her staff had been named and where political appointees of the party in.

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