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But it's just that that's where the money is made. The money is made at the end of the season right at. Is You know until you have like you know universal profit-sharing like these sports leagues have Right. Which was at all the owners are talking about which was just like. I can't compete with team. I can't compete with the Yankees. You know. They have too much money. They're fine. I'm not right. Because they're selling Yankee hats in Beijing Iceland. For example right like you know like in that town that has twenty five random letters right. It's you know I can't but I can't sell them much merchandise and I'm GonNa Really Poor Market for hockey. You know for for baseball or in Florida and general right. I can't make much money. Do this basic when it comes down to is that you need a universal profit-sharing for everyone to get involved and that takes a lot of selfless ownership and a lot of selfless basically selfish management from the top. Yep The developers on down. Make sure that because his thing like me from I think a lot of organs and developers of leagues are looking at profitability before they look at sustainability right. Yep on like you know. I'm this age. I want to go to a cocktail party until everyone like how much money I made this year. And it's just downright you know we're like God that's fine. I mean Goodell is the commissioner is making way more money than you lean on for one hundred years and still growing right. You know. In fact I shouldn't even know your name right. How good is your league are the other thing is is that like you know these other organs are having to sell off having to you know merger worst disclosed up shot because like the market. Just got way too big way too soon where like this. The non endemic money is coming in which I think it's that big good for the market. Like Oh yeah. It's really cool. They look at the team a WHO plays football there now invested in sports. Yeah but the thing is that they don't care about sports prophets if that team is not making money. Guess what you know what they're gonNA do. They're just like well. I'm going to slash costs to like the bare minimum right which goes back to. Why are there? Aren't that many academy teams a lot atop they don't see the invest the they don't see where the investment lies in an academy team. If you think that academy teams are there to offset expenses from your maintain than you got really dumb people working for you l. told you that it's it's and I'm not gonNA names nor the college budgets. How you like? I was talking to one college actually. A friend of mine's was talking to a college. Administrator are the get to invest whatever how much money and also pay him by the way to get there sports programming. Okay well may ask the smart question. Okay where's the money? Come from this up. Just asks donors right. Yeah ask owners like okay. You want me to ask my donuts for how much money now you know they are. The donors will take care of it. It doesn't work that way right. Yeah really work that way and people will give it to you. It's that easy. Ashwani people give you correctly right so so so yes so so if they can actually get together and make sure that everyone is working at the beginning so then long-term we'll have this long-term view of lake. You know like Apple Microsoft. Ibm Guess Nowadays. We're talking about the Amazon's right and everything else like that. Google's and stuff like that you would you say this day and age you know I know. Microsoft is only one thousand nine hundred eighty whatever. But it's like you know they. They started every company. Start small the that like think big and think of the big picture in terms of like. What can we develop? That's going to be so kick ass going to last for years to come like do the fire festival you know again..

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