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The newswatch never stops cbs news on the hour presented by theraworx relief i'm jim shanavie north korea leader kim jong un has wrapped up a three day visit to beijing and one on one meetings with chinese leader xi jinping the subject likely the north's recent outreach to south korea and the us correspondent ben tracy we're told that kim jong came here to inform president xi personally of the situation on the korean peninsula and a couple of highlights this is the first confirmation we've gotten from north korea that indeed they are willing to meet with the us in talks a summit with president trump and kim jong un is quoted as saying that denuclearization can be resolved on the korean peninsula if the united states and south korea respond with goodwill ben tracy cbs news beijing another round of protests in sacramento california last night over the police shooting death of twenty two year olds stefan clark an unarmed black man demonstrators blocked the doors of the golden one center keeping fans from the kings game against the mavericks drew believe the sacramento kings once again making the decision to play the game despite only a fraction of the fans making it inside disappointing some fans sympathizing with the protesters costs but scott thurman says the kings should have had a better plan in place this time around i would hope that they will open the doors at some point in time as the game moron arguments between fans of protesters at security barriers continue meanwhile the twitter account for the family of stefan clark tweeted the sacramento kings love and support us we don't like this and continued saying the sacramento kings.

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