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Section of the website CVG airport dot com. Backslash. Why healthy mask on takeoff from Sea BG Airport like Brian comes in here Can't remember standing by the bar owners will not be happy if the restaurant owners a cz well, if a capacity is cut State of Kentucky is closed. The bars cut back on the number of people who Congar into restaurants. Ohio's governor says he'll probably have some new restrictions coming tomorrow. Regarding bar operations, perhaps restaurants. The Ohio Restaurant Association's already gone to court in Columbus to challenge rule. Their city Council said. All bars and restaurants have to close a 10 for indoor dining or indoor service. And they've already got a restraining order from a judge there to put that on Hold until there's a hearing that to see Ah If the rules legal OK, coming up on news, 7 30 we will talk more about how the Midwest is believed to be now. Ah, hotbed. They're the hot band in the country for Corona Virus. Details. 15 minutes away. News Radio seven. Watch them. We got's ABC is Karen. Travis. How're you doing? Good morning, the president yesterday. Ah guess in the briefing on covert and more one thing. He's still real big on the hydrochloric when he believes that plays a role and he's not going to back off it. Yeah, he know again was promoting this saying he believes in it, he said I would take it. As you know, I took it for a 14 day period because I don't think you have. You don't lose anything by doing it other than politically because it doesn't seem too popular. Now there's a couple things here once he was taking it, but didn't have probate 19 He was taking it precautionary 14 days toward it off his own administration. The FDA is not just like some panel of doctors out there. The FDA revoked the use of hydroxy Corcoran as a treatment for Kobe after reports of serious heart problems, another safety issues so that The FDA, the federal government, the Trump Administration who's done that the president again he was doing it for something else, But he's still out there. Promoting this. With that retweet of video of a doctor is touting the effects of this Twitter flag. That tweet is a violation of its misinformation policy and removed it about the room through Facebook and YouTube, But the president was praising the doctor saying she had tremendous success. All right, So, he said he's also kind of interested in why people are fans of doctor Falke, but not him. This doctor actually said at one point, but nobody likes me. Here, usually like you want to get inside somebody's head. When they're presidents and hear what they have to think about. This puts it all out there at the podium, he said. It's curious that somebody who worked Very closely with the White House doctor found Dr Burke because they're highly thought of, but nobody likes me. It can only be my personality. He went on to continue amending that having lower approval ratings and douchey who does have very high approval in many polls, People trust the information the doctor felt she is giving. The president has much much lower poles. When it comes to that question of trust on information and trust the handle the Corona virus president been asking. Why don't I have a high approval rating? Right? Isn't the administration I think he's got a firm grasp of reality. I mean, most people I know who hate him. Hate him because of his personality. They might secondarily dislike his policies. But the people I know you hate him hate him because of his personality. So Yeah, just looking in the mirror a little bit. But you know, what is he doing? Men fix, but I don't know. Maybe we'll talk about that again today. Well, he's saying, I can only be well okay. It could only be my personal contained yourself at his age when you've been a one thing decades of your career in the public spotlight, always a quirky moment when the president's any president in a briefing You know, speculating on why people do or do not like he lays it out there can drive. Thanks much having CIA 7 27 100 W. Well W Cincinnati available everywhere with the I. Heart radio app number 1 700 wlw and I Heart radio station. Introducing our riches player's club ever rising star.

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