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But makers of this new food processor claimed that it revolutionizes cooking by bringing the drop blade accuracy of the beloved guillotine into home guests drawn a me condemned vegetables are held securely with stocks at the bottom of the frame as the blade false forcefully cleanly decapitating the vegetable if you often make uneven and needlessly nonviolent veggies slices or if you're wrists get tired vanquishing your vegetables with those many soar to think they're talking about knives then the kitchen executioner is the perfect at home assassin the kitchen executioner comes with a beautiful glossy recipe book from revolutionary france with recipes leg off with her head of lettuce sixty with napoleon bonaparte today at beef borodino don't kill me the reign of terror react key and of course for dessert death by chocolate peter pete king peterson let them eat cake or fruit salad from the gain for assad and your last story of a blast from the past comes from tombo debt modern hearing aids are marvel of technical sound processing allowing the hearingimpaired to stay tuned to the conversations around them the problem with all that technology is that it can cost north of six thousand dollars and puts help out of reach for many enter the ram horn restorative audio modulators modeled after the ear horn and made for centuries from ten or brass into shapes of various funnels and bugles ideologists ceremonies company speak up users 21st century three d printing units to produce customfitted ear horns for as little as thirty dollars these parabolic plastic cones use our kick technology to capture the sound and it into the air canal models variance size from the french hornlike horno plenty further severely impaired do the diminutive tip squeak which can be.

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