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By the end of book has established this new constitution which is supposedly going to restore the republic um to its former glory but the people who came after him the generations after him julie caesar pompey crisis those guys they they don't care about the written constitution that style has laid down they just looked at his biography they looked at his life and they said look if if your powerful enough and your daring enough in bold enough um you can do anything you want that's that's the lesson of cell was a life they're not not we should just follow the senate yes the complete breakdown of most my orum yeah i think sell a pretty much represents that in speights uh an an businesses vase as the storm before the storm republic fall into what at what point would you say like yeah the republic no longer exist it is now officially roman empire was just when the sesar was made yeah it's it's a that's another one of these great in a running debates in history um because we aware t where do you where are you mark the end of the republic um you know he say okay will julius caesar comes along and you on the forty species could you could say was from when he are now we cross the rubicon in forty nine bc douse the end of it or you could say oh and he was himself appointed dictator for life five years later which is ripe for the assassination dam in then but then his air saw mark antony and octavian wind up fighting a battle with the last remnants of the senatorial aristocracy a couple years later and.

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