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To roll in the middle Tennessee once again after a night of crazy weather, strong storms, flooding and tornadoes. The national weather service confirms to touchdown in middle Tennessee last night on and rather for county and the other in Wilson to state lawmakers. Introducing a Bill that would ban most abortions in the state if the supreme court overturns Roe versus Wade, Tennessee and reporting the human life Protection Act introduced by Senator Dolores gram of Somerville and representatives Susan Linda mount Juliet will take affect thirty days after the overturn or if an amendment to the US constitution is adopted giving the state the authority to ban abortions. Meanwhile, the LGBT community is worried about an indecent exposure Bill filed in the general assembly. The Tennessee has says the Bill from Oak Ridge Republican state rep. John. Reagan expands indecent exposure offenses two bathrooms and locker rooms executive director of the Tennessee equality project. Chris Sanders says the subject matter and what he calls Reagan's history of running anti LGBTQ bills leads his organization to flag it as potentially worrisome. They base it on how the Bill uses the word sex. They say could be used to criminalize transgender people. Using restrooms amok rooms, Ken Weaver, WGN news. Frank Robinson, a member of baseball's hall of fame has died after a long illness during his nineteen eighty two induction into the baseball hall of fame. Frank Robinson, recalled the players who broke the color barrier. I'll just like to say a special. Thanks. Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson. All black baseball players the sacrifices that they made. The things that they had to put up with. To make the road easy players. The black players that are coming along. Today. Robinson was eighty three years old. That is the latest news. It's brought to you by steamatic of middle, Tennessee, traffic and weather next. I'm Pamela furr..

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